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Mama KiTa a modern kindergarten on the Swiss educational scene

Mama childcare KiTa is a bilingual kindergarten, a modern alternative for all busy Swiss parents in terms of educational offer. The institution can be found in the picturesque city of Zug, and it has a history in providing high quality educational modules for children in different age groups. The kindergarten has a wide educational offer and facilities, varying from a well-equipped kitchen, a gym, an atelier and music room, bedrooms, playing and learning rooms. With a different and yet highly efficient approach on educational processes, the kindergarten offers one of the most caring and nurturing learning environments in Zugerland. Mama childcare KiTa is a highly acclaimed kindergarten in Zug, and it has dedicated educational programs for children between two months and five years, in special age group classes. With a diversified schedule, appropriate for every age group of students, the kindergarten has even weekend classes, for those specifically requesting them.

The nursery is based on a simple philosophy, namely cultivating in small children self-esteem and providing the perfect environment for a healthy mental and educational development. With a highly educated team of teachers and counsellors, the nursery in Zug is functioning on a simple set of concepts. All their classes are small size, making the educational process more efficient, involving the parents in the educational process for higher rates of coherence in the learning process and staring the educational process at a very young age. Because of this reason, many resources are invested in proper training of the staff, and it yearly organises the teacher-training program. This way, their human resources are always up to date with the latest approaches in childcare and education.

The nursery offers age specific educational paths for all the students enrolled, offering reputable training modules for each of them. The management of this child care services Zug provider offers particularly more attention to the infants group, because their development strongly depends on the atmosphere and environment to which they are exposed. All the bedchambers are decorated in such a manner to replicate a home environment, and the personnel shows great care and affection to the children enrolled in this particular group. Toddlers are greatly cared for as well, their development being enforced by the great teachers and childcare professionals. The great fact about this nursery is that for the toddler group, they provide all the hygiene necessities. This comes as a great advantage, because parents won’t have to worry if they forget about something essential.

The curricula at this extraordinary kindergarten include some of the necessary subjects that might help a pre-schooler prepare for the outside world. The pre-kindergarten Zug located has a daily schedule developed around the idea of enforcing the young students to acquire proper educational levels in terms literacy, mathematics and science, music and educational experiments. The approach is a facile yet efficient one, the children becoming familiar with letters, numbers and music.

If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing kindergarten and their approach, please visit their webpage at or use the contact details below.

Contact Name: Daniel Hafen

Company name: Mama childcare KiTa

Exact Address: Baarerstrasse 110, Zug 6300

Phone no: 041 530 52 72

Email address:

by: Daniel Hafen

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