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Mastery Ed Announces New Partnership

Lancaster PA — Math education has always been a sore spot for schools. Everyone wants the scores to be higher, but it does not matter how much money the school dumps into math education, the scores never seem to get any better. There are a lot of reasons why scores seem stuck in the same place year after year, and Mastery Ed is a math education support company that can generate long lasting results for schools. Now Mastery Ed is pleased to announce their new partnership with Math-U-See.

Math-U-See has been considered a leader in student learning for many years, because of the company’s commitment to innovative approaches to math education. Whether parents are looking for supplements to traditional classroom learning, or they want curriculum for homeschooling, Math-U-See has making it for a while. The materials tend to be very interactive and students love to engage with the various teaching methods that the company uses. Mastery Ed has become a US distributor for those Math-U-See products. The new partnership marries the philosophy of Mastery Ed with the established materials of Math-U-See.

Mastery Ed is considered one of the best Tier 3 intervention programs for parents who want to see their children do better in school. The number of the tier is based off of the response to intervention system that is being adopted by school districts all over the United States and the world. Support at the Tier 3 level is all about personalization and customization of materials to target areas where a student needs the most help, including going all the way back to the very basics of math if need be.

Parents should go to to find out what kinds of programs are available and to see Mastery Ed in action. With the new partnership with Math-U-See, Mastery Ed will be able to reach more of the market and give parents a tool to make their children’s lives better.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (800) 454-6284.

by: Lancaster

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