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Mastery Ed Provides Tier 3 Support

Lancaster PA Response to intervention (RTI) are all the rage among educators these days, especially in areas where students are not performing up to par on standardized tests. The RTI systems allow the administrators to see which students need the most help and direct resources to the areas where those students are going to be able to get the level of assistance that they need to be successful. Masteryed is an online company that is now able to provide Tier 3 support for school districts and parents.

Within the RTI system students are broken up into three tiers. Tier 1 is for students who are doing a little below average and who would benefit the most from some small changes in the way the material is presented inside the classroom. Tier 2 encompasses students who need some more individual attention, but most of the material can still be absorbed with some additional instruction in a small group setting. Tier 3 is the place where students need personalized tools to help them overcome gaps in their previous education and to bring them up to speed with their peers.

Masteryed is a leader in Tier 3 support for teachers and parents. With a curriculum that can be changed around to meet the special needs of individual students, and a deep wealth of content to pull from, Masteryed offers a better selection of services than most other math instructional programs on the market. Customers can go to to see a full listing of the types of services and programs that are currently available.

School districts are unlikely to move away form RTI any time soon, so parents and teachers need to get used to this type of tiered instruction. With their wide net, Masteryed is one of the few companies that are able to fulfill the desire for long lasting improvements to test scores that parents and teachers want to see.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (800) 454-6284.

by: Jacob Willam

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