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Miami Mold Specialists Strikes Deal With Innovative Solar Power Company

1888 PressRelease - Miami Mold Specialist, a reputable indoor environmental and mold removal service company, announces exclusive partnership with Solar Air Flow.

Miami, FL - Miami Mold Specialists, a multi state certified indoor air quality and mold remediation company, establishes strategic partnerships with Solar Air Flow, introduces new line of solar powered mold prevention systems to market.

This new cutting edge technology offered by Miami Mold Specialists functions by removing hot, humid air from the attic of a home by way of solar energy.

Marty Katz, Miami Mold Specialists operations manager, stated,"After serving thousands upon thousands of jobs over the past few years after our transition to the greater Miami area, we have come to the conclusion that taking the extremely moist and humid South Florida air out of the attic is one of the most proactive, preventative measures that any homeowner or building owner can take to mitigate mold growth conditions in their homes or buildings. The team at Miami Mold Specialists sets out to find an eco-friendly solution to this obviously rampant problem. As such, Miami Mold Specialists team was able to broker an exclusive deal with Solar Air Flow, to manufacture in the USA, a state of the art solar powered attic ventilation system. Doing so, Miami Mold Specialist is now the first and only distributor to have this 21st century technology in the state of Florida, that will eventually end up assisting thousands of home owners in South Florida with an efficient and effective mold prevention and electric savings technology. If your attic is cooler, your home is cooler. A home owners HVAC system will not have to run nearly as much to keep a home or building cool, coinciding with a substantial savings in electricity, as well as the thirty plus percent in solar power tax credit savings. It's a win win across the board. Prevent mold growth, reduce your electric bill, and claim a huge tax credit when filing your taxes".

For more information on Miami Mold Specialists all new line of innovative solar powered mold prevention technology, please visit-

About Miami Mold Specialist–
Miami Mold Specialists, a family owned and operated business, is a 30 year veteran within the indoor air quality, environmental, and mold removal service industries. Miami Mold Specialists provides high tech mold inspections, 3rd party "conflict free" mold testing, and rapid mold removal services. Multi certified, eco-friendly, state licensed, insured, bonded, active member in 8 industry organizations, and featured on numerous local, state, and national news, TV, and media outlets.

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