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Mopinion releases new user feedback plugin for Wordpress

Online feedback analytics company Mopinion has just released its own user feedback plugin for Wordpress. This new plugin will enable Wordpress-based websites to easily run Mopinion software on their site and start capturing user feedback for free. This plugin is a portion of the Mopinion Suite that addresses the need for businesses to start listening to the online Voice of the Customer by collecting and analysing user feedback.

Kees Wolters, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Mopinion comments,
"We deployed the Mopinion user feedback plugin with hopes of providing an even wider audience with the means to quickly and easily capture user feedback without the hassle of costs or a complex installation process. Extending many of the same features as offered in our paid software, such as feedback form triggering and reporting & analysis, this high-value approach will serve many digital-first companies looking to get started with their feedback programme."

Wordpress is one of the most popular content management systems available with nearly 75 million websites. Now, any one of those 75 million sites can download the Mopinion plugin and have feedback buttons and forms running on their website in a matter of seconds.

Importance of online user feedback
User feedback is a critical component for digital businesses that can be applied in various ways across the online customer journey. It enables digital-first businesses to optimise the journey for customers who experience issues during the most critical Moments of Truth on their website.

In an evolving industry that demands constant development and emerging innovations, a lot of things are changing. This is why itís critical to consistently measure customer experience and evaluate both your performance and the satisfaction of your customers. This is the best way to achieve continuous growth.

A simple setup process...
Whatís great about this new plugin is that itís very easy to use. All users need to do is install the plugin and automatically, a feedback button and form will be implemented on the entire Wordpress website. Users can set up the forms so that they are triggered on specific parts of the website such as certain pages, posts, or funnels by going to the deployment section
using your free Mopinion account. These feedback forms are also completely customisable; an aspect that is great for branding purposes. Users can add or change feedback questions, alter the design of the form, add their company logo and set up their own language.

Easy-access to feedback results
All feedback collected is then available on your personal Mopinion account, at where it can be viewed in your Mopinion inbox. This is created the moment a user has installed the plugin. Users can also choose to have feedback alerts sent straight to their email inbox.

Providing added value
Mopinionís new plugin aims to provide added value to its users by offering various distinct features that are not yet available among the existing plugins with Wordpress.

Access to extra capabilities
Other feedback plugins often provide feedback forms that are very similar to contact forms. This was one of the main reasons Mopinion decided to develop a more advanced feedback plugin as the only capability of these plugins is to collect feedback and forward it to your email.

Such a simple tool prohibits the user from taking advantage of key features such as smart triggering (e.g. displaying feedback forms based on certain events), which is very simple to configure in the Mopinion plugin. Additionally, many of these plugins do not offer much in terms of customisation such as adding a logo, altering the questions or changing the language within the feedback forms.

No existing account needed
Alternatively, there are other third party plugins that offer a feedback solution but require the user to have an existing account before making use of the plugin. Should the Wordpress user not yet have an account, they often have to register for an account separately from the Wordpress admin (on the site of the plugin creator), get the proper code, install the plugin and enter the code in Wordpress. With Mopinion, users are able to skip over all of these extra steps. The account is created simply upon downloading the plugin.

About Mopinion
Mopinion is a rapidly growing SaaS provider and market leader in the field of online user feedback analysis for websites and apps. This solution turns feedback from digital touch-points into actionable data to drive strategy, improve online channels and empower digital teams.

by: Kees Wolters

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