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AWM MORTGAGE has changed into a leader in our industry. Were focused on serving the requirements of borrowers, real estate professionals and Loan Officers alike, once we are proud of providing innovative mortgage products using the highest caliber of customer support.

We uphold the best ethical standards and treat our clients and partners using the utmost respect and honesty. We take our commitments seriously and do what's right without compromise. The way you deliver results is just as significant as the outcomes we deliver. We are committed to maintaining a transparent mortgage platform, giving you the boldness that people truly provide you with the best solutions to our clients.

At AWM Home Mortgage, we leverage our talent and resources to reinvent our industry, continuously striving to get named a pacesetter within the mortgage business.

Management Philosophy

AWM Home Loan management team needs a hands-on, roll-in the sleeves procedure for business every day. In today%u2019s challenging mortgage environment the need for loan level support and some help from management is important on your success. Our Loan Officers close more loans every month as the result of the interaction and support they receive our management team. We offer accessibility decision makers, eliminating the bureaucracy and bureaucracy. At AWM Home Loan decisions are created promptly, saving you serious amounts of empowering one to get the job done clients expect.

At AWM Home Loan House Loan we understand your success is our success.Mortgage Finance & Refinance
Being able to buy that new home is still an option - even if you have bad credit. Lenders are definitely getting softer on their requirements for financing mortgages for those whose credit is not perfect. Additionally mortgage refinancing requirements are also being lifted somewhat. Here are some things that you need to know about getting your next home financed with a bad credit loan.
The first thing that you should know is that getting the best mortgage financing is only for those who do have good credit. Still, though, there are deal on loans available that can put you into that house.
A zero down mortgage will allow you to possibly get a mortgage finance and not even have to put anything down. In fact, it may be possible to get as much as 107% of what you need, and that could even include the closing costs. Depending on your actual credit score, this type of mortgage can be obtained with a credit score as low as 580, with documentation. The way it works is to give the borrower two mortgages, a first and a second. Typically offered in an 80/20 or 75/25 arrangement, this allows you to have greater savings since that process will not require private mortgage insurance.
Another way to reduce the mortgage payment is to be able to put something down - the larger the better. This also applies to those that refinance a home mortgage. Although you may want to get a home mortgage as cheaply as possible, you can reduce the mortgage payments, and possibly the interest, if you can put something down to even 3 to 5% will make a difference. This will show the lenders that you are making enough to save something, and that you have some control over your spending, which is always a good thing to them.
Other deals will simply include the more traditional type of mortgages. This type of mortgage finanace for people with bad credit is available even for lower credit ratings than that. Some lenders will extend a mortgage for someone with a rating of 500, and some will probably even go lower than that. This particular type of funding is called bad credit mortgage loans.
Even though you can get a mortgage loan on your new home, it may be more important to wait and rebuild your credit first. Although it means holding on to those dreams a little while longer, by rebuilding your credit first, you can not only get a better interest rate, but you can also get a larger mortgage, and lower payments. If you take some steps quickly, rebuild your credit to closer to where it should be, then you can get those rates you want, a nice house, and payments that you enjoy even more. Besides, this could even allow you to have some extra money to do some of those other things you want, too.
Of course, you want to be very careful about the type of mortgage you get when you source out prospective real estate. This means that you take the time to learn about the different mortgage rates and types, such as fixed rate and adjustable rate, and also know the terms. Unfortunately, some lenders are looking for people with bad credit, knowing that they may be a little more desperate to get a mortgage, and may do so hastily without carefully reading the agreement, or really understanding what they are signing. Only by being careful and understanding what is involved can you be sure to avoid trouble.


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