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My experience to increase traffic through internet marketing

Ah the joy of seeing my website on top of Google SERPs. It is indeed a wonderful feeling. I have been a website owner since the early years of this millennium and a lot has happened since then. The whole concept of managing a website has changed since those early years. Google came in and in a few years it changed the whole concept of using the internet. What I used to do to increase traffic through internet marketing earlier had to be changed completely. My current strategy is completely different from what I used to employ in the earlier years.

What I did to increase traffic through internet marketing is to partner with a well known SEO company. This partner has been with me for almost a decade and we have seen everything that needs to be seen in the search engine space. What we never did is engage in black hat SEO. This was a decision we took right in the beginning and thanks to that decision I can now proudly say that the ranking of my site in Google is all down to hard work. I have been tempted, Iíll be honest, when I saw competitor website climbing up the search engine ranks in no time but most of those competitors are gone now. Some have downed shutters and some are so deep in SERPs that no one bothers to even look at them.

My objective was simple Ė I would, with the help of my SEO partner, offer quality content to my visitors. When we first started with SEO my website was nowhere. The entire content was written by me and if one had to take the total count of words in my website it wouldnít go beyond 2,000. Now my website has about 25 different pages and the least number of words that I have on a page is 550. My SEO partner has managed to link all these pages so itís like a nice, family tree that my website looks like now. Google apparently seems to like the structure of my website and ranks it nicely, thus letting me increase traffic through internet marketing.

Iím busy managing my business but that hasnít stopped me being involved with my SEO partner. Any decision that needs to be taken or any change that needs to be made is done through a joint call. Neither of us do anything without informing the other person. Throughout this journey to increase traffic through internet marketing we have changed keywords, updated content, built up links and tried out all forms of online marketing. And the results continue to show.

As someone that has seen this entire space in the last decade there is only one advice I have for any website owner Ė donít take shortcuts. Googleís aggression on handling unethical SEO is now at its peak and anyone can get penalized. Try out the good old American habit of putting in efforts to increase traffic through internet marketing and you should always see good results coming.

Resource Box: The efforts that I put in to increase traffic through internet marketing are now showing. I would like to thank my SEO partner that has continued to pitch in.

by: John Malot

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