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New App Lets Users Book Appointments from Home

Whether itís a haircut or spa treatment they seek, clients never have to leave their homes again. With the new "Personal Beauty & Wellness" app, the pros come right to them!

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORKóFor New York residents who lead busy lives and find it hard to schedule in some much needed personal time, one unique app hopes to change all that. Considered the "Uber" of the beauty and wellness industry, the new Personal Beauty & Wellness (PBW) app easily lets users book online appointments 24/7 with qualified professionals ranging from manicurists, hair stylists, masseuses, aestheticians, acupuncturists, nutritionists and more.

"My team and I are very excited to bring this to residents living in New York. We eventually look forward to rolling the app out to other states later in the year," stated Andre Wouansi, the appís founder.

According to Wouansi, his wife was the inspiration behind the PBW app. Raising small kids in the suburbs of NYC make it quite hard for the stay-at-home mum to come and go whenever she wants. For her, scheduling a haircut or relaxing massage cannot only be challenging but practically impossible. Thatís when Wouansi decided to come up with an effective solution to have the pros come to her.

"Our app is all about convenience. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to easily head out to appointments. The PBW app is perfect for individuals operating on tight schedules or those who lack transportation or lives with physical handicaps that prevent them from getting around," stated Wouansi.

When users book their appointments, they have the option to schedule the requested service at the location of their choice. This can be at the user's home, office or at the beauty and wellness consultants place of business. The app is FREE for users. The only fee they pay is for the services booked through PBW.

"We offer a one-stop-shop for users to safely find qualified, pre-screened local consultants in the beauty and wellness industry who are able to carry out a variety of services at any location the user desires and at a time thatís suitable for them," stated Wouansi.

Consultants specialising in beauty and wellness benefit from the app, too. It allows them to further grow their business by offering their services to the public at a very low monthly cost. The app also helps them to maximise bookings, optimise profits, track revenue, manage their sales tax and more!

"For more than a year now, we have worked closely with professionals in the beauty and wellness industry in NYC to develop a platform that serves and meets their business needs," explained Wouansi. "They have been fully integrated into the app process, and we are very thankful for their cooperation. Itís because of them, the app can effectively serve the public."

Beginning July 12th, 2017, users can download the app on their Apple or Android devices. At that time, they can also book appointments online at

Beauty and wellness freelancers and consultants can currently take advantage of a FREE 30-day premium membership trial. After that, for the price of a basic membership, consultants will only pay $20 per month to continue their premium membership which is normally priced at $30 per month.

About Personal Beauty & Wellness: Headquartered in New York City, company's-mission is to provide a global platform for users to easily connect with a local pre-screened expert in the beauty and wellness industry 24/7. The company's founder, Andre Wouansi launched PBW in 2016 after spending more than a decade creating and running successful IT companies in the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. He specializes in creating innovative apps for investment firms, banks and insurance companies all over the world.

Media Contact:
Andre Wouansi
Phone: (516) 922-3212 or (917) 680-1170

by: Andre Wouansi

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