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New Documentary in Works for Lyme Disease Recovery in 53 Days

Vancouver (February 28th, 2018) – I am Rob Matthies, a rare survivor of chronic
Lyme disease. I want to share my story with the world and help thousands overcome
chronic Lyme disease just like I did. I am also an award-winning inventor. My
hobby is solving seemingly-impossible problems.
I know of only two people who have fully recovered in less than 60 days from
chronic Lyme disease and its horrible symptoms. One of these people is Will
Wiegman, PhD and the other is me. Both of us employed unconventional medical
procedures, and it is these procedures I want to share with the world.
My Story
My hiking counterpart Julie and I contracted Lyme disease while hiking in
Vancouver last year. Soon after the hike, I started developing symptoms; severe
joint pain, Lyme rashes, and brain fog. I was devastated when I realised I had
intermediate-chronic stage Lyme disease. Julie had the symptoms too - we both
had Lyme disease. I decided that I was going to fight the disease with all I had, and
the next 53 days was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.
Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type which
is spread by ticks. Traditionally, Lyme disease is treated with a regimen of
antibiotics (most times, Doxycycline). But Lyme disease progresses quickly, and
after 20 days of exposure, it goes from "acute" to a chronic infection. Doxycycline is
little help at the chronic stage. In December, a Lyme disease organization featured
a major, conclusive, study that shows that a 28-day regimen of Doxycycline does
not kill Borrelia.
My path to total recovery
Knowing that I would not get much help from conventional medicine, I began to
search for alternative treatments. In my search, I came across the story and work of
Will Wiegman, PhD. I also got valuable information from Johns Hopkins, ILADS, and
drew key information from super-model Yolanda Hadid’s story in the New York Post.
Hadid went to the top clinics around the world but didn't get cured. Therefore, I
created non-standard regimens, ignoring expensive protocols that didn't already
work for Ms Hadid and others. and in less than 60 days I was cured of Lyme
disease and showed no symptoms. I kept a record of all steps that I took.
A documentary that will save thousands
During my battle with Lyme disease, I kept in touch with Julie and spoke to her
about the therapies I was taking. At the time she was being handled by the hospital
but has since turned to Chinese traditionalists. She is still being treated for Lyme
disease, and other diseases associated with it – i.e., Bartonella and Babiosis.
A rough cut of the documentary is available on
With your donations, this will be made into a complete and standard documentary
a film which will help thousands take their lives back from this horrible disease.
For more information about my campaign, please visit:

by: Rob Matthies

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