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New book How They Made It in America comes out in mid January 2019

This book by Fiona Citkin shares testimonies of incredible women achieving incredible things despite high odds against them. It inspires readers to strive for their potential and learn the how-to for success.

Warren, NJ, USA, December 07, 2018 -- "How They Made It in America" has three parts: 18 Immigrant Role Models; 7 Success Values; and The Achiever’s Handbook. First, the stories, the results of the author’s first-hand interviews and biographical intimacy with the personalities of 18 women "who made it." Then, an exploration of the values that drove them to action and success, and finally, derived from the first two parts, advice on how to follow in their footsteps but with your own direction, stride and pace, inspired by their examples and know-how.

The author recognized that these women’s stunning successes set a golden standard for all would-be achievers. Why? On their rise to success, they have been learning the rules of the game in business and social practices while facing the toughest hurdles possible, such as linguistic and cultural integration; lingering stigma against minorities and immigrants; and of course, a glass ceiling.

The profiles of 18 achievers including some celebrities (Isabel Allende and Ivana Trump among them) describe How They Made It in America. Learn from their success stories—and then internalize the values they cultivated, those that empower success in the US.

As one of the early reviewers, Craig Storti, noted, "You’ll probably pick this book up for the 18 women whose stories it tells—and these are some very impressive individuals. But there’s every chance you’ll stay on for the advice that Citkin distils from the profiles. Self-help has seldom been made so interesting."

Americans historically associated success and achievement with risk-taking. The book subjects exemplify the seven success values as enablers on those who took risks with the extreme odds lined up against them: the first generation of immigrant women.

It explore what exactly they did and how they did it while looking into individual experiences and articulating the heroines’ accumulated wisdom summarized in their common success values, diverse case studies, and how-to tips. Every success seeker can benefit from this: if the toughest cases of American achievement worked out wonderfully, we need to know what enabled them, so we too could crack the all-American success code—and that’s the message.

The book straddles narrative non-fiction and self-improvement/how-to. It has 80,000 words and 25 pictures.

About Author:
Dr. Fiona Citkin’s credibility and breadth of knowledge on this topic are unparalleled. Born in Ukraine, she came to America as a Fulbright Scholar studying languages and cultures at Kent State University, OH. She published two previous books on language/translation and cultural diversity (SHRM Publishing). Her HuffPost blogs explore the issues facing our multicultural society. With experience as Director of Berlitz and a personal consulting portfolio, Fiona has skills in public speaking, marketing, magazine, podcast, and TV interviews, entrepreneurship, and certainly, intercultural communication and languages. blogging at

Dr. Fiona Citkin
Warren, NJ, 07059

by: Dr Fiona Citkin

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