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New world project launch by Suninder Sandha

A quixotic in the genuine sense, Suninder Sandha began off his adventure at a young age of 19, when the vast majority of his associates were getting a charge out of life and sincerely busy finding their ways. The excursion was sufficiently troublesome, yet he cut the way himself. 'A business visionary is a practitioner, not a visionary,' an adage that best suits Suninder Sandha.

Mr. Sandha has a various involvement in domestic and worldwide markets which has empowered him to chip away at 10 business and more than 8 private undertakings up until this point. Taking into account every one of the requests of his clients is the central target of his firm and they tail it wisely.

He is a man who gets motivated by microscopic things. Having an eye for points of interest, His hunger for learning in the long run prompted the development of a land firm, Concept Capital. Idea Capital, under the profitable direction of Suninder Sandha, manages outlining and working of interesting structures with an amalgamation of development and craftsmanship. The Core Shopping Mall is a remarkable building creation in glass which has likewise prompted it being named as a wonder in glass.

The shopping center components a plenty of retail shops, office spaces, nourishment court with numerous feasting alternatives, multiplex, excitement offices and a galleria style advertise. Consequently, the shopping center can be considered as a definitive goal among high class shopping centers. The Core is situated at the core of the city at a mobile separation from NH 24 and 1km from Noida Extension.


Personal Website:

Corporate Website:

Shalabh Sharma Media Manager of Concept Capital -

Phone - +91-9560770700

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