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Online Learning App Giving Students Insights about Chemistry

"Students do not find all the subjects interesting and fun to learn. Some of the subjects can be boring or just hard for them to understand. Subjects like Chemistry is one of those subjects that the students might find boring to study and learn but all of the subjects are essential to have a good score in the exams. The subjects deal with both theory and practical knowledge whereas, some students might find it interesting and scoring others might completely differ and find them boring and time-taking. The students depend heavily on textbooks and learning from the classroom. The classroom notes are also helpful for the students however, these learning tools are not sufficient to have a good result in the exam. Having a good source of secondary learning can always help the students have a good preparation for exams. The secondary online learning solutions can make the students less dependent and reliant on the textbooks for learning. The supplementary learning options are very easily available for the students of the CBSE board. The students of the ICSE board have a hard time finding a reliable secondary learning source, the study material for the students of ICSE board can be vague or briefly explained. Extramarks-the learning app can be a good and reliable source for the students of the ICSE board to learn online. The app has study material for all the subjects for all the classes. The interactive study material on the app can help the students learn faster and understand parts of the syllabus such as ICSE Class 9 Chemistry practical theory. The app has all the necessary learning tools that can be needed by the students to become efficient learners. The app also has question papers letting students have enough practice before the exams. The practical exam question papers on the Extramarks app can be a good tool for the preparation of exam. The sample papers and the question papers on the app can help the students gain confidence before the exam and they can tackle the exam blues. One of the key features of the app is the multimedia learning tools. The multimedia learning tools on the app include the audiovisual lessons that can help the students understand the chapters and topics better and help them become efficient learners. The video lectures on the app are delivered by expert teachers making it a reliable source for learning. "

by: sweety

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