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Organize This with Style Blog Passes 300K Views Milestone

The "Organize This with Style" blog (A.K.A. OrgThis at recently surpassed the milestone of 300,000 views. This lifestyle blog posts on a variety of topics including: fashion, organization, recipes, jewelry, time management, holidays, faith, gardening, birthstones, poetry, health, etiquette, and family.

The OrgThis blog is the brainchild of author Shirley Fine Lee. Shirley has published eleven books. Her book categories include business management, fiction, and poetry. Shirley’s business topics include time management, team building, project management, and meetings. She also makes announcements on the blog whenever she releases a new book and displays her book covers, which act as quick links to Amazon for purchasing. The posts on the release of her children’s book "Mr. Pickle Goes to Pickle Island" and poetry books rank numbers three and four, at the time of this release, in the top ten list of the most read posts on her blog. Her post on the Christian fiction book "The God Bless Girl" appears as her number one as most read.

Patriotic poems that Shirley has included on her blog have also made it into the top ten at certain times of the year - these are "America, Be the United States" and "9/11 Tears Remembered." Other popular posts include how to topics like "How to Repair or Make a Stretch Bracelet," "How to Make a Blessing Tree," and seasonal step-by-step recipes.

The variety of posts on the blog and the blogger’s unique perspective contributes to its increasing popularity of the "Organize This with Style" blog. To review the blog, visit From the blog, links to its top ten posts, RSS feed, more on the blogger, links to Ms. Lee’s books as well as social accounts are available.

by: Shirley Lee

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