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Pediatric Proton Therapy Market is expected to cross US 700 Million

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By the year 2021, Pediatric Proton Therapy Market is expected to cross US$ 700 Million. When you find out your child has cancer or another hostile tumor; you're extremely focused on the immediate cure. Then the question arises like, which way of treatment? – What combination of surgery? Weather it "Chemotherapy or Radiation"– will greatly help your child survival, it's also important to know how treatments they undergo now may affect them in future when they will become adults.

Even if treating cancer with a low risk of side effects is the main concern for every patient, it's especially important when treating cancer in children. Therefore, for a lot of patients with pediatric cancer, proton therapy needs exceptional assurance.
In the Proton therapy the technology is different – its machine is three stories high and weighting up of 100 tons consists of special housing within a treatment facility to hold the equipment and convey the proton beams. "Gantry" a rotating device releases protons to the tumor from different angles.

In that cure room, patients are placed on a table or in a specific chair. MRI or CT scans are taken before each treatment to make sure exact positioning.

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United States leads the Pediatric Proton Therapy Market Globally

The United States leads the proton therapy centers in the world because of its enormous investment in the growth of therapy centers as well as its drawn out history of proton therapy. 23 proton beam centers are operating in the United States. Proton therapy costs almost twice as much as traditional X-ray radiation in the United States. The United States Pediatric Proton Therapy Market is categorized in five age groups i.e. (<1 years), (1 to 4 years), (5 to 9 years), (10 to 14 years), (15 to 18 years).

Accelerating Proton Therapy Drives Pediatric Cancer Market in Europe

Germany captures the most of the market shares of Europe Pediatric Proton Therapy Market. In the year 2010, France had the maximum number of market share but it lost its position and went to the fourth position in 2016. Growing number of cancer diagnosed pediatric patients in Europe will compel many countries in Europe to develop proton therapy centers. The other countries from Europe who are doing lot of work in pediatric proton therapy segment are United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. Germany and France deal in Pediatric Proton Therapy and diagnose the patients.

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Japan leads the Pediatric Proton Therapy Market in Asia

Pediatric Proton therapy technology has immense potential as is evident in the increasing number of proton therapy centers across the Asia. Japan has already established their benchmark for the treatment of pediatric patient with proton therapy. China and South Korea both are developing their pediatric Proton Therapy centers.

Key Players in Pediatric Proton Therapy Market

The key players who played a very crucial in the development and innovation in devices in the field of pediatric proton therapy were-

• Varian Medical Systems
• Mitsubishi
• Hitachi

The report studies the Proton Therapy Market & Patients Number for 36 Type of Tumors in USA

• Glioma, Low Grade
• Glioma, High Grade
• Medulloblastoma
• Ependymoma
• Germinoma, Pure
• Germ Cell Tumor
• Craniopharyngioma
• Pineoblastoma
• Chordoma/Chondrosarcoma
• Meningioma
• Adenoma
• Choroid Plexus Carcinoma
• Retinoblastoma
• Osteosarcoma
• Ewing Sarcoma
• Rhabdomyosarcoma
• Other Sarcoma, High Grade
• Other Sarcoma, Low Grade
• Teratoma
• Neuroblastoma
• Ganglioglioma
• Wilm’s Tumor
• Carcinoma (non-CPC)
• Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s
• Lymphoma, Non-hodgkin’s
• Leukemia
• Desmoid
• Melanoma
• Pineal Parenchymal Tumor
• Esthesioneuroblastoma
• Angiofibroma
• Extrarenal Rhabdoid Tumor
• Others – Market & Forecast

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