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Pharmaceuticals ERP Software

eresource ERP, the Web-based ERP Solution , is an ideal solution for all pharmaceutical industries like manufacturers of vitamins, natural health and dietary supplement apart from the mainstream pharmaceutical ERP products. eresource ERP has been recognized as the best solution among its customers because they offer a complete integrated application that suits the company's needs in all counts.

Earlier pharmaceutical companies were managing their business with individual software application for each of their departments. Managing the whole operations of a ERP pharmaceutical manufacturing with these kind of isolated systems were a herculean task, which consisted of manufacturing hundreds of products that used to take lot of time and valuable resources in maintaining raw material inventory, determining availability of those raw materials during manufacture, and in maintenance of records of lot numbers used in the finished products, an obligatory regulatory requirement. These problems prompted the pharmaceutical ERP companies to seek an ERP System which would provide real time access to all their business activities. Their search for a suitable ERP System has ended with, eresource that has all the answer to their problems.

eresource contained many other features which were in alignment with all future requirements of a pharmaceutical company. eresource ERP has lot to offer to its customers.
The prime benefits of eresource ERP System is it reduces operational costs and saves time:

less time is spent on entering, reviewing & approving data
lower cycle times (less quarantine time)
less on-hand inventory is needed
with less inventory, less storage space is needed
less time is needed to archive & store batch records
less product waste is generated
higher yield are obtained.
it improves asset utilization (return on investment)
alerting capability helps to fix problems quickly

eresource ERP for Pharmaceutical is designed with operation efficiency in mind. Operational efficiency requires a system that addresses every aspect of your business. It helps to cut costs, enables quick market presence of the product, improve customer relation and comply with regulations.

by: eresourceerp

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