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Phen375 Appetite Suppressant Promises to Show New Direction

USA - Phen375, a breakthrough medicine that has shown promises to fitness freaks all around, recently got the necessary approval from the concerned authorities. The pharmacists behind the revolutionary fat-reduction medicine claimed that the new prescription drug has certified as ‘safe’ due to being manufactured in a USA-FDA approved labs, and is now available online. They added that their official website contains related information on the fat burner supplement. They also highly recommended that a prospective buyer reads all the related information before actually buying the product.

According to, official user reviews website, the new supplement is different from hCG activator, a popular fat-burning supplement that has been bashed by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They added that Phen375 is manufactured in FDA approved laboratories. contains comparative analysis of both Phen375 and hCG activator, another popular fat-burning medicine. They said that they want to educate common people about the benefits of the revolutionary drug and provide transparent reviews from previous users of Phen375.

"Our innovation offers a range of benefits to the users. First off, it increases metabolic rate of a human body on the basis of its thermogenesis effect, resulting in increased energy. The average weight loss rate is 3-5 lbs every week. On the top of it, it curbs food craving, which is one of the many reasons people get obese", said a senior pharmaceutical researcher who has been the part of the team that invented the medicine.

"Generally speaking, Phen375 is ideal for burning fat, suppressing appetite, boosting energy and improving mood", said a retail sales manager of RDK Global, the company that has manufactured and marketed the product. "The medicine is a non-prescription drug and can be sold over the counter, however the RDK global only to sell it online through its ecommerce website.", he added.

Phen375 marketers have no intentions of selling the product over the counter. They replied that being online facilitated shipping to all over the world, so it's more convenient to sell the product over the Internet. They have been in the market since 2009 and had great success selling Phen375 to over 270,000 users online.

It’s advised to consult licensed physicians before buying the product. This is because the medicine may not be suitable for pregnant women, people who are on other types of medication, people with liver problems, insomnia or anxiety.

About the Company

Phen375 is marketed by RDK Global, a manufacturer and wholesaler of slimming pills et al.

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Name: Sam Donald
Company: Phen375vs

by: Sam Donald

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