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Police Chief Warns Residents to Keep Flashlights for El Nino Preparations

The Beaumont Police Cheef is advising residents to prepare for a spring El Nino by stocking up on food, water, and handheld LED flashlights. Beaumont Police Cpl. Josh Galbraith advised Pass area residents to stock up on flashlights and make other emergency preparations for the springtime hit from El Nino. In a talk held recently, Galbraith told about 75 attendees that this year's El Nino will hit San Gorgonio pass hard because the area is so close to the coast. He suggested that residents start preparing for the flooding expected to happen when El Nino hits California in February and March 2016. El Nino is part of the natural climate pattern that happens around Christmas, and can be far more intense during hot years. The Pacific Ocean near the equator becomes hotter than usual. This causes more clouds to form, setting the stage for severe tropical thunderstorms, with their attendant flooding, mudslides, wind damage and power outages. Galbraith cited the effects of the 2010 El Nino, which resulted in severe damage to area homes and businesses, and left some local residents without power for days. He presented a 12 step plan to be prepared for possible floods and other emergencies. The recommended preparations include storing water,food, household goods and pet supplies for at least a week's worth of the family's needs. Galbraith also recommended preparing an emergency bag, called a 72-hour bag, with essentials to get the family through the first 72-hours without power. The first item on the list is a flashlight. Shelter, heat and light, he told attendees, will be very important. A local expert on survival matters notes that having the right [flashlight]( can be a lifesaver in such an emergency situation. In fact, she says, people should not rely on a single flashlight for emergency use. Having several flashlights with fully charged batteries could literally mean the difference between life and death. In addition to a full-size torch, the survivalist said, every household should have one or more portable [handheld LED flashlights](, and should ensure that they're easily accessible in case of emergency. She recommends a lightweight LED light with an adjustable beam, which can be used for general room illumination, signaling for assistance, or to light a path in the dark. She suggests choosing an LED handheld torch, such as My Lite Beam, which features special power-conserving technology, keeping batteries fresh and working longer. €œAnd speaking of batteries," she added, €œrechargeable batteries are fine for most uses, but be sure to have a supply of standard batteries on hand in case of extended power outages. In that situation, you won't have any way to recharge batteries until after the power is restored." About: MJH Innovations is seller of quality products that make people's lives easier. It is their company philosophy that good products shouldn't cost a fortune, and they work hard to provide quality products to consumers for reasonable prices. You can find many of their products listed on Amazon Prime. Matthew Hesser Majon Internernational P.O. Box 880, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421 Los Angeles, CA United States

by: Matthew Hesser Majon Internernational

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