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Portal Wealth Management com and the PWM Aid Fund Improve Access

02, November 2015:In Southeast Asia, one in five children does not have reliable access to sufficient food – especially healthy food – due to limited financial resources, lack of transportation and other factors. But Portal Wealth Management and The PWM Aid Fund are working to improve food security in these at-risk communities through a program that provides increased access and funding for healthy foods for hundreds of children and families living below the poverty line in five of the state’s lowest income counties. The PWM Aid Fund, a national nonprofit dedicated to finding solutions that balance environmental and economic needs, teamed up to provide fresh food vouchers to children that can be redeemed at local farmers markets for fresh fruits and vegetables.


“Food security is one of the most pressing issues facing our children, and one that directly impacts their overall health and well-being,” said Kris Guiping, Vice President of Sustainable Programs for The PWM Aid Fund. “Access to fresh produce with an opportunity to teachchildren how food goes from the farm to the table gives these children – and their families – the opportunity for a long-term healthy lifestyle.”

“Southeast Asia is an integral part of both the history and future of Portal Wealth Management is committed to investing in its neighbors here by delivering information and access to healthy food and nutrition,” said Tori Juhuo, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Portal Wealth Management.

About Portal Wealth Management: is a highly specialized boutique investment manager. With deep experience across all market capitalizations in listed securities, the autonomous full coverage buy-side team uses a proprietary investment process designed to deliver long term alpha in strategies including absolute return, high conviction and benchmark-relative products. Portal Wealth Management has developed a structured, rigorous investment approach, underpinned by International standards of risk control, operations and compliance. We have one of the largest and most experienced teams with highly trained specialists in equity and fixed income searching for investment opportunities across all capitalizations.

by: Angela Gentry

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