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Raw Cashew Nut

Aadhishiva Raw Cashew Importers and Exporters is one among the pioneers of cashew business in India. Established in the year 2007. It is invariably useful for a cashew user to supply his product through our place because it is flooded with ample cashew with having process units unfold at completely different places in Kerala. Our tough team with quite 5 hundred dedicated staff. Our well equipped process centers own varied certifications together with for quality. We tend to ready to satisfy any demand from anyplace within the world at short notice. Thus aadhishiva corporate has not therefore looked back and has been perpetually been within the forefront of the Cashew trade.

Cashew, the seed or nut of ancacardium occidentale, a polygamus Tropical and sub-tropical evergreen was first discovered by the Spanish explorers within the region referred to as state of maranhao in Northern Brazil. The name cashew comes from the Tupi-India tribe of Brazil \"acaju\". Within the sixteenth century, Portuguese explorers took cashew trees from this South America country and introduced them into different tropical regions like India and a few African countries, wherever they are currently additionally cultivated. Cashew nuts are of a kidney shaped seed that found in the bottom of cashew fruit. Cashews have been widespread over the region of India and Africa. Currently the foremost wide created bean within the world.

Nutrition truth of Cashew nut

Cashews contain five g of macromolecule for each ounce. additionally, cashew kooky additionally contain eighty two.5 mg (21%of the daily intake) of magnesium, that is protecting against high pressure level and works with atomic number 20 to push sturdy bone structure.

Cashew Nut does not have any cholesterol; therefore it is smart for folks with heart issues. Additionally, there is monounsaturated fat content that helps turns out smart cholesterol and improves blood circulation smooth.

Cashew nut additionally contain high fiber therefore smart for digestion and assist you reduce weight if consumed moderately (too abundant intake cashew nut really cause weight gain.)

Nutritional worth per 100gr.

Carbohydrates: thirty.19 grams.

Dietary fiber: three.3 grams.

Sugar: 5.91 grams.

Fat: 43.85 grams.

Protein: eighteen.22 grams.

Thiamine: zero.42 milligrams.

Riboflavin: zero.06 mg.

Niacin: 1.06 milligrams.

Pantothenic acid: zero.86 milligrams.

Vitamin B6: zero.42 mg.

Folic acid: 6 June 1944

Vitamin C: zero.5 mg.

Calcium: thirty seven milligrams.

Iron: 6.68 milligrams.

Magnesium: 292 milligrams.

Phosphorus: 593 milligrams.

Potassium: 660 milligrams.

Zinc: 5.78 mg.

Health advantage of intake Cashew nut:

1. Weight Loss

2. Reduce the risk of cancer

3. Reduce the level of bad cholesterol

4. Brain functions improve

5. Strengthen your bones

by: Aadhishiva

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