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Reasons That Make UDP Acceleration A Better Option Than TCP Offload

With the Ethernet network interface ruling the work market, it is very important that one has complete details associated with TCP/IP offload engine Full TCP Offload. Used specifically to offload the processing of IP/TCP stack, it is specifically used with high-speed interfaces of the given network.  To ensure that the whole work functions in a correct manner, in most cases, 10 Gigabit Ethernet is used for carrying out the daily functioning.

It is very important to note that there is another aspect known as UDP, which to a great extent is different from IP offload in terms of bandwidth. Since, it this factor that determines the frequencies that are used for transmission of signal, it is important that you choose a correct one.

Factors associated with application acceleration:

For the uninitiated, the choice that in most cases one has to deal with is which bandwidth to choose and which is the place that one has to apply it.

If reliability is the primary concern, nothing can beat the need of a TCP connection. However, for a greater bandwidth and complex issues, you need to check out UDP acceleration. The header site is 8 bytes and is specifically suitable for fast transmission. Also, with UDP, only a singular program distributes multiple loads.

The most important point that you need to note is, while choosing 50G/25/40G TCP& UDP Acceleration IP Core for FPGAs, the core should be silicon core and that too from authentic providers. Since this is a technical issue, and one mistake could be a huge issue, it is best that you choose authentic service providers.

by: Intilop Corporation

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