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Red Male organ Warning Signs Recognizing Cellulitis

In many instances, a red male organ is a good thing. For instance, when the blood flows into the male organ to create a desired engorgement, the resulting red male organ enables a man to enjoy intimacy. But sometimes a red male organ is a sign of something not being exactly right; often, it can be a sign of inflammation. One such cause of an inflamed red male organ is cellulitis, which needs to be dealt with promptly.

What is cellulitis?
The Mayo clinic states that cellulitis is "a common, potentially serious bacterial skin infection. The affected skin appears swollen and red and is typically painful and warm to the touch." Although it is most often found on the legs, it can occur anywhere on the body, including the male organ.

Cellulitis occurs when specific bacteria invade the body through a crack, tear or other wound in the skin. If the male organ has a cut or open wound – or even just excessively dry and flaky skin - and becomes exposed to the bacteria, cellulitis may result. The most common bacteria to cause cellulitis are streptococcus and staphylococcus.

When the bacteria go to work on the affected tissue, a red, dry, swollen rash results. As long as the bacteria stay near the surface, the infection may not be serious. But sometimes, the bacteria make their way to the bloodstream, and that can create more significant problems.

Symptoms and treatment
Redness and swelling in the infected area is a common symptom, as is tenderness and pain. The skin may feel warm, and there may be spots or blisters in some cases. Fever and fatigue may occur in some instance, signaling a more serious case. Other signs of more severe cellulitis are nausea and vomiting, numbness and increased pain.

Although mild cases of cellulitis may respond to self-care (over-the-counter pain relievers, rest), it’s still a good idea to consult with a doctor.

Other treatment options include the use of antibiotics, usually oral. In very rare cases, surgery may be suggested – but again, this is a very rare option.

Obviously, it’s better to prevent cellulitis of the male organ than it is to treat it. There are several preventive measures a person can take.

• Check the male organ for signs of cuts or tears. If there are any, wash them with soap and water and keep an eye on them for any signs of infection.

• Check for dry male organ skin. Dry male organ skin can cause cracks through which bacteria can enter, so keeping male organ skin properly hydrated is crucial.

• Give it a rest. If the male organ exhibits signs of cracked skin or has cuts, tears or wounds, refrain from engaging in sensual activity until the issues are healed. This includes both penetrative and oral contact. Men who do engage should be sure to wear a latex barrier to decrease the chances of bacteria entering the open skin areas.

• Avoid activities that can damage the male organ skin. If aggressive, rough sensual activities produce tears or wounds in the male organ, it may be wise to tone things down a little.

Cellulitis is one of the more alarming causes of a red male organ, but far from the only one: allergic reactions, minor infections and other causes can also cause redness. In general, regular application of a top notch male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help prevent a red male organ by maintaining male organ health at a higher level. The best cremes to look for will include among their ingredients both a high-end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). This combination helps create a moisture shield to encourage consistent hydration of the male organ skin and prevent dryness and chapping. The crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that plays a big role in preventing oxidative stress damage to delicate male organ skin.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

by: John Dugan

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