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Rediscover Business Analytics Education At AIMS ENRICH

A sound business decision-maker relies less upon chance and intuition, and more upon statistics and research. The intriguing field of Business Analytics deals with the creation, management and implementation of this very knowledge.

As more and more organizations move towards the field of Data Mining, Big Data and Database Management; more and more qualified Business Analytics professionals are required to bring their very best skill-sets to the table for the benefit of all astute business decision-makers. Doing so requires specialized education from a reputed management training institution such as AIMSENRICH -- which offers what is easily the most sought after Business Analyst course in Bangalore.

Let us learn more about the various pro-grammes in Business Analytics on offer at AIMSENRICH in Bengaluru!

The Executive PGDM in Business Analytics Programme:
In essence, this is a 2-year, Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management (EPGDM) programme conducted on weekends by AIMSENRICH Bengaluru. The programme has been conceptualized and developed in association with none other than IBM. The programme is geared towards training students in the fundamental understandings of Business Analytics in order to help develop and foster a "decision conscience" amongst them. The programme assists students in developing the essential abilities to confidently make high-impact, data-driven business decisions in real-time.

The Post Graduate Programme in Data Science:
This programme is fastidiously focused upon training students in the multifaceted aspects of Data Science – the study of extracting specialized knowledge from raw data and inputs. The programme excels at providing a comprehensive understanding of the nature and scope of Big Data taking into consideration the expanded perspective of a business decision-maker. The programme effectively assists students in the learning of concepts, techniques and tools required for deciphering complex aspects of data collection, data integration and data science practices.

Upon course completion, students pursuing the above mentioned programmes find excellent career prospects in the domains of Aviation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism, Information Technology and Public Enterprises, among others.

We sincerely hope that we have been able to assist you in understanding the true scope and nature of Business Analytics programmes at AIMSENRICH Bengaluru. Also, if you’re interested in the rapidly expanding domain of User Experience Design by any chance, we would ardently suggest that you go explore their UX/UI Design Programme - easily the most sought after UI UX Design Course in Bangalore! We wish you all a fantastic academic journey ahead. Thank you for reading!

by: Shoeb Mannur

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