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Release of New Book by Sarah Roberts Great Book for Lovers


Sarah Roberts, a traveler who loves exploring the world outside for new experiences and exotic places, releases new book aimed for lovers and couples from different walks of life. The book is about two people – one older and one younger – with different religious backgrounds falling in love with each other but cannot be together because of their beliefs. More than that, they are physically separated as well being that the other is in states and the other is from India.

With these circumstances, the protagonists of the book are but expected to encounter many conflicts and adversaries along the way and their story will told "Under the Indian Sun". In the story, Annie, the female protagonist is a woman who loves to travel who then decided to take a vacation to India. In that vacation, Annie only intends to have some time with herself but that is not what fate has for her.

Little did she know that she will fall in love – ‘lose her heart and soul’ – to a young, handsome dark-haired man from India whom she has developed a heartfelt friendship when preparing for the trip. Finally meeting the young man, that is when sparks fly and both of them fell hard and fast with each other setting them in fire of emotions, passion and love.

But all love stories have their trials and theirs have some serious setbacks. Their cultural differences, religious beliefs, age and the fact they live miles apart makes the whole relationship making them wonder whether what they feel for each will last. This is exactly the storm which both of them have to brave but the question remains, ‘how do they make it last?’

Under the Indian Sun is a book that will tackle the common problems that most couples from different race and religions face. But the curious thing is how Sarah Roberts will weave the story of Under the Indian Sun and how the two protagonists of the story will conquer the trials ahead of them. Will their love last or will they go in separate ways in the end?

Personally taking a journey to the Delhi and other places in India, readers will not only enjoy the whole story but as well as the cleverly written descriptions of Delhi, Agra, Jiapur and the many other places in India where the story took place. This is definitely a story for lovers with the same problem and couples from every walk of life.

For inquiries to know more about Under the Indian Sun or Sarah Roberts, please call 305-613-8300 or email at

Sarah Roberts
5365 S.W 92 Ave, Miami, Fl.33165

by: Sarah Roberts

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