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Leading provider of tax services in both the UK and Dubai, Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy, most recently announced the importance of following the UAE’s newly established VAT tax protocols.

Dubai, U.A.E.: February 28th, 2018

Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy recently discussed VAT and its effects in the UAE in order to spread awareness and better educate the public on the same. With the introduction of VAT regulations in the Middle-East from January 2018, companies and those working in the UAE who satisfy the necessary financial threshold will be required by law to adhere to the relevant protocols in order to avoid facing penalisation and penalties. Additionally, they will also be required to maintain clear and accurate records of all transactions undertaken by the company, so the Federal Tax Authority may be able to scrutinise these details and thereby ascertain whether a particular company or initiative is subject to VAT. The leading tax consultant dubai went onto to state that those who may be struggling with the change, are able to seek their assistance, from maintaining these financial records to registration and filing for VAT.

The leading provider of tax services in UK and Dubai, also shed some light on their other services offered, including tax consultancy which allows them to help guide and advice respective clients accordingly. Furthermore, they also went onto say that these sessions have proven to be invaluable in terms of direction and accuracy, allowing their clients to take steps that are solely related for their needs. From determining whether one is eligible for VAT registration to putting together applications, they are able to assist at every stage. The UK tax consultancy in dubai can also help manage finances via management accounts, and of course record keeping, also known as bookkeeping.

‘The introduction of VAT in the UAE is viewed as a complication no doubt, especially by companies who enjoyed operating without those added requirements, however, it’s in the best interest of the UAE as a whole. In fact, this movement is an opportunity for the Middle-East to move away from its dependence on oil resources as it has done all these decades. With the collection of VAT, the region as a whole will be able to help better develop its infrastructure and landscape and we as a VAT registration company dubai are pleased to be able to offer the support that relative clients will need. From 2018, it will be mandatory for those eligible to jump on board, so if you haven’t, the sooner the better.’ – General Manager: Sarah Ferguson


Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy has been trading in Accounts and Tax for almost 15 years. With three offices in the UK, we serve a diverse range of businesses including start-ups, sole traders, limited companies and landlords, providing a wide range of services in relation to VAT, tax returns, annual accounts, payroll, and bookkeeping. Additionally, the consultancy is also a Chartered Certified Account, as well as a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians and the Federation of Tax Advisors.

Sarah Ferguson herself brings over twenty years of experience in the industry to the table, and has also worked in the manufacturing and service industries. Her primary goal is to offer consistent, hassle-free tax services that will offer her clients complete respite from an otherwise tedious process.


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