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SOCAL Detox offers specialized ambulatory Detoxification services

Unfortunately, the rates of addiction continue to rise every year. The annual cost for alcohol dependency was over thirty billion dollars in healthcare alone and over two hundred and thirty five billion dollars when combined with crime costs, lost work and productivity. Alcohol is the number one dependency in America. Illegal drugs come in second costing eleven billion in healthcare cost and over one hundred and ninety three billion overall. Combined this is a total of almost a half a trillion dollars annually! And what is worse, the rates continue to climb every year. For example, it is well known that heroin trafficking into the United States is up more that two hundred percent since 2007.


There are many organizations and efforts dedicated to to reversing this chronic issue in our na-tion. They come in many forms: hospitals, treatment centers, psychologists, correctional institutions, religious organizations and university research departments . Even the military has devoted vast resources to addiction treatment and recovery.


One of those entities is SOCAL Detox of San Clemente, California. Located in southern of Orange County, SOCAL Detox is a premier facility specializing in ambulatory detoxification services for alcohol and illicit drugs, including steroid addiction. "When specializing in ambulatory detoxification, we find ourselves on the front lines of the addiction battle" says John Hernandez, Chief Operations Officer. " Our mission is to help stabilize our patients both emotionally and physiologically". John continues, "There is so much that goes into our work from the moment a patient arrives for their intake". "From the moment they step on board, a daily twenty-four hour detailed observation and monitoring process starts." This includes monitoring vitals every thirty minutes for the first twenty-four hours as well as reactions to physician pre-scribed medications that are self administered as a tool to help with the effects of withdrawals. "We basically have to walk them through a very difficult process" John adds.

But apparently all of that hard work is worth it. "It's an incredible experience seeing someone who has had a few days to detox, they gain awareness they have not had in years, the transformation is amazing". "It's an honor to help people in such a crucial area" John says, "one our staff physicians feel that the patient is ready for longer treatment and rehabilitation, SOCAL Detox assists patients in referrals to the right treatment center and aftercare".

It can be an overwhelming task to tackle. John concludes by saying,"It seems that the addiction battle is a lost cause, but when you look at the individual cases there are many successes among this sea of addiction that we see - and that provides encouragement to our staff and keeps us going".

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by: Kaitlin Heart

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