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Shop Re Usable Badges from the Leading Badge Manufacturer

Functional from 2002, BadgeMags has earned an excellent reputation in the international badge and magnet communities for their high-quality products. For unique designs and cost-effective prices, their products are appropriated in a number of promotional events. At BadgeMags, the executives assist you in sourcing any badge and magnet related products. If they are unable to manufacture your desired products, they can help you find a source. In fact, they are connected with a wide range of suppliers across the globe.

BadgeMags specialises in a variety of magnets including:

  • Ceramic Magnet: Ceramic or Ferrite magnets are composed of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate. These magnets are widely popular for their low costs.

  • Alnico Magnet: Alnico magnets are made up of a combination of aluminium, nickel, and cobalt. Although these magnets are easily demagnetised, they are preferable for their temperature stability and resistance.

  • Samarian Cobalt: Samarium Cobalt, a rare type of earth magnet, has a variety of applications for their higher magnetic strength and temperature resistance. In addition to this, this type of magnet is recognised for its high resistance to oxidation.

  • Neodymium Iron Boron: Neodymium Iron Boron is another type of earth magnet. It shares most of its properties with Samarian Cobalt except that it shows less resistance to oxidation.

  • Flexible Magnets: Flexible magnets are a variant of the injection mould magnets and usually come in flat stripes and sheets.

From re-usable badges to button badges, BadgeMags offer a wide range of products which includes:

  • Badge Magnets: They offer various types of badge magnet, such as DM metal, DM plastic, SM, LM, and MM.

  • Badge Pins: BadgeMags is recognised as a leading International badge pin supplier. They specialise in different types of badge pins that come in diverse size, colour, and shapes.

  • Re-usable Badges: The re-usable magnets are ideal for name tags.

  • Loose Magnet: Consumers looking for loose magnets can try out Anisotropic Ferrite and Neodymium Rare Earth magnets.

  • Metal Plates: They offer three distinct types of metal plates which include disks, plates, and adhesive plates.

  • Magnetic Sheeting: Magnetic sheets are available in three variants plain sheets, white sheets, and adhesive sheets.

  • Button Badges: Button badges come in multiple sizes, from 24mm, 37mm, 55mm, to 75mm.

For more information, visit the official website of BadgeMags at

About BadgeMags
Operational from 2002, BadgeMags is a leading South African supplier of badge magnets. With vast experience in the industry, they specialise in a variety of promotional products, such as badge magnets, re-usable magnets, badge pins, metal plates, button badges, etc.

1 Ringer Park, Printers Way
Montague Gardens

Contact Number: 021 552 7643
Fax Number: 086 649 9520

by: Badge Mags

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