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Slide to the Green Future with Airwheel Electric Skateboards M3

27, October 2015: Airwheel self-balancing intelligent scooters have started a wave of “green travel” all over the world. Although some people were not interested in Airwheel electric scooters at first, they gradually accept them after getting full understanding of them. At present, many citizens have used eco-friendly and convenient Airwheel scooters as their individual transport tools. Airwheel, as an innovative enterprise, isn’t content with the success they have achieved. So it has rolled out another kind of advanced vehicle- Airwheel wireless remote control skateboards M3 in September 2015. With M3, modern citizens can slide to the green future smoother.


Skateboarding is only one of the extreme sports in people’s mind. Airwheel is trying to change that idea. Different from traditional skateboards, Airwheel maple electric skateboards M3 can also be citizens’ transport tools. Airwheel maple complete skateboards M3 are driven by the green energy, electricity. So there is no harm to the environment. Airwheel electric skateboards M3 used the original Sony lithium batteries, which are safer, greener, and more non-toxic than ordinary batteries. The battery capacity is up to 163 KWh, and it only takes about 2 hours to reach the full charge. What’s more, Airwheel M3 is equipped with double circuits and double main control chips. If there is a failure in one of them, the other one will ensure the safety of sliding as soon as possible. Without any worry, users can have long-distance trips with Airwheel M3.


Apart from that, as the name suggests, Airwheel motorized skateboards M3 have wireless remote controls. Users can easily control the skateboards with remote controls. Therefore, as a transport tool, Airwheel M3 will bring users more convenience.

With these advanced and considerate designs, why not have a try with Airwheel skateboards M3? They’re great helpers of human beings to slide to the green future.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Mr Tang
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd
Phone: +8618861270200

by: Mr Tang

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