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SocialBox Biz Company Launches IT Recycling Services

Thatís the message from SocialBox Biz a new, London, United Kingdom new generation recycling and storage business. provides a portal for numerous waste solutions but itís core expertise is in the storage and recycling of redundant IT equipment. As a socially conscious business, it means that:

- useless IT equipment is ethically recycled;
- usable IT equipment is reclaimed and proceeds split between the donor (or donated to charity) and SocialBox biz;
- Social Box biz will use 51% of its profits to support refugees in the United Kingdon into economic activity.

Commenting, Peter Paduh, Director of said:

"All too often these days, businesses put their shareholders before the communities they serve. Weíre turning business on its head by doing the reverse. As a former refugee who came to London, United Kingdom at the age of fifteen, I would have welcomed the support that we intend to give to those people that, like myself and through no reasons of their own making are forced to settle in an unfamiliar country. The bottom line for our customers is that they can make a real impact on communities and show demonstrable action in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rather than paying lip service, which is often the case."

If customers are not sure what they need to get rid of immediately, SocialBox Biz can also provide storage solutions to at least clear up those overflowing server rooms.

Notes to Editors is the trading name of Trading Enterprises Limited. The company was founded in October 2015 by serial entrepreneur Peter Paduh. provides a range of storage and recycling for businesses for the following types of items: documents, IT equipment and office furniture. For companies with large amounts of digital documents or who wish to transfer physical documents into a digital solution, is a Dropbox for Business Partner. As a socially responsible business, 51% of the company's profits will be used to support refugees to the UK into economic activity.

Peter Paduh / Simon Paul Trading Enterprises Ltd.
0843 289 5722
Harben House, Finchley Road
London, NW3 6LH, UK

by: Peter Paduh

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