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Sositar Mould Specializes In Manufacturing Automotive Mold

China; 29, October 2015: Automotive molding refers to protective and decorative molding upon the car body. Lower body moldings, side body moldings, window moldings, footrest moldings are also included. Sositar Mould is a well recognized name in the field of automotive mold manufacturing. High quality mold is the primary business of Sositar and it has 10 special mold designers. All of them are well qualified with years of experience in plastic properties and mold structure. The company delivers almost 40-50 sets of mould monthly for clientele.

The Chinese automotive mold maker has dedicated mold designers in its team. Each case is studied carefully prior to the start of designing processes. Mold flow analysis is run by them and a technical meeting takes place for each mold. Tool shop and injection dept is also present in order to prevent the potential manufacturing problems and trouble shooting. Some of the key areas of functioning are preliminary design, material selection, mold design, evaluation, procurement, surface modeling, CAD/CAM, etc. The designers also communicate with customer’s engineering department if required.

With every part manufactured, the professionals also pursue DFM study and mold flow analysis. Not only does it improve but also lends support to the mold structure design. A blend of best available resources includes technology rich equipments, program management, quality workmanship, and various product development techniques. The China automotive mold manufacturer has specialization in plastic injection mold and the size of biggest mold made till date is 1.5mm in length.

For every project, there is a project manager or engineer to look after the follow up tooling schedule. They also take care of timely reporting to customer on various issues and progress related to the project. Project engineers look after the case to make sure customer’s technical requirements are met completely. The professionals also focus on timely delivery to ensure the project is done to customer specifications. Sositar Mold has dedicated professionals in their ranks to offer extensive project management and support from the stage of conceptualization to ultimate inspection and approval. They have fluency in English language which simplifies the communication.

The Chinese company has certifications to carry out different processes in manufacturing. To ensure the client’s receive highest value, high quality tooling, designing and manufacturing is also done. It allows them to settle for nothing but the best in all the aspects of their business, manufacturing and supplying machinery. Presently, the company has 100 employees with capital assets above eight million RMB.

About Sositar Mould:

Sositar Mould has expertise in the large scale manufacturing of automotive mold. With the experience of more than a decade, there are qualified and experienced mold designers that take each case seriously. Industrial design, appearance design, structural design and mold design are some of its areas of specialization. Visit the website for more information on the products and services offered.

For Media Contact:
Company: Sositar Mould
Phone: 86-0755-33183226
Fax: 86-0755-33508985

by: Lawrence Mease

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