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StopTheFakes announces deadlines of service and mobile application launch

Minimum viable product will be available for users in December of the current year, mobile application will be launched in January of the next year
Prague, the Czech Republic, November 29, 2017: Today company StopTheFakes Ltd ( is the first project in the world, that helps right-holders to involve millions users from all over the world for reward in cryptocurrency in searching and liquidation of intellectual property rights breaches.The company announced near launch of MVP service and application for mobile devices. Users will be able to evaluate the service potential already in December of the current year. And in January 2018 mobile application will come out available also in MVP version.

StopTheFakes team will speed up the launch of the service’s first version having planned the official start in December 2017.
Minimum Viable Product will be introduced to the world with its main functions and attraction mode. Customers will be able not only to test the system potential but also to start involving real people in searching for their copyrights breaches facts. Executors are all law-abiding adult people regardless of their address, knowledge and skills level, other peculiarities will be able to help to reveal trespasses and get a reward in cryptocurrency. The project development will go on, new functions will constantly be added until the system comes to the planned level.

In January 2018 application for mobile devices will be started, which will be used for trespasses facts fixation. The same as in case with the service the application will be in Minimum Viable Product availability. Customers will be able to use its main functions. Work on the application will go on both in terms of its functional increase and shift it to other platforms.

Mikhail Krzhanovsky, CEO, and co-founder of StopTheFakes: «We are finishing work on the first service’s version and conducting its closed testing. So we decided not to wait but to launch it before the beginning of Pre-ICO, which hasn’t been done before. We want our potential customers and executors, the same as investors to be sure that our product is ready, base functions work and can fulfill the set targets. And I would recommend to all trespassers, both existing and potential, to reconsider their attitude to law - their existence is ending».

StopTheFakes Ltd: The first project in the world implementing copyrights protection with the help of blockchain technology. Decentralized service enables right-holders to involve for reward users of the Internet and customers in searching for piracy facts on the net and sale of counterfeit goods in the real world.

The project is set up by Mikhail Krzhanovsky and Igor Salikov in Prague, the Czech Republic, in June 2016.

by: Mikhail Krzhanovskiy

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