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Sugaroutfitters com Creates Community For Sugar Users

Minneapolis, MN ó Customer relationship management is vital to a growing business, especially in an age where companies have more information about their customers than ever before. SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms, offering customization and flexibility that other services cannot provide. Sugar Outfitters, a marketplace for modules for the SugarCRM platform, is working to create a community for developers and end users alike.

At customers will find the largest collection of Sugar modules on the internet, ranging from modules like marketing tools to the integration of third party programs like Quickbooks. Each of the modules has been carefully reviewed and inspected to ensure that it works the way that it is designed, so customers know they are getting a quality product. Sugar Outfitters also offers services and support for developers, through the promotion of their modules, and the developers know that they are not likely to get exposed to more customers anywhere else online.

What really sets Sugar Outfitters apart from the other marketplaces is the community that has been created. On the site users and developers have the ability to speak to each other with ease and discuss any issues that might come up. The support case page helps users to find answers to some of their most common questions and to seek advice for situations that might be unique to them. Blog postings bring up important issues and developments in both the Sugar platform and programs used in major modules. Developers even have their own community, through the Developerís Tips page, where content creators are able to learn new ways to ply their trade.

Sugar Outfitters is the best place for Sugar users to find modules and for developers to expose their products to customers. With the continued growth of the Sugar platform and the massive number of existing users, Sugar Outfitters has a considerable market of potential customers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or contact them via Twitter @Sugaroutfitters

by: Minneapolis

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