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Suninder Sandha A progressive influence in the real estate Sector

Suninder Sandha from the very start of his career has been at the fore front in creating life facilitating real estate projects and related avenues. He has been determined to create a progressive change in the real estate sector particularly in and around Delhi. Mr Sandha brings with him18 years of experience in the real estate and related sectors. His comprehensive vision for the real estate sector has given his real estate company Concept Capital a competitive edge over other real estate companies, as the visionary guidance given by Mr Sandha is creating a major difference to the fortunes of Concept Capital.
Suninder Sandha is a multi talented and very well educated individual his strong educational foundation has been to his great advantage. Mr Sandha has a Degree from the University of Birmingham .He started his illustrious career at a very young age of 19. He has worked with some of the most prestigious organizations like Millennium Spire, AIG, Atlantic Finance House and in Imperia as Chief Marketing Executive. Mr Sandha has received many awards and accolades. One of the most important awards received by Mr Sandha is for his significant role in the development and marketing of the website for This website is rated very highly in UK, as a guide to the real estate market in UK.
Suninder Sandha through his focused approach has made his company a force to reckon with in the real estate sector in Delhi NCR. Mr Sandha is also very well known for his problem solving and man management skills. Mr Sandha is always ready to give his value added advice to his staff in particular and in the real estate sector in general. Mr Sandha has won the admiration of one and all for his environment friendly real estate projects that are a combination of world class lifestyle avenues and conveniences.

Mr Sandha is of the opinion that creation of world class real estate projects without an integrated approach is not going to solve the real estate requirements of Delhi NCR . Mr Sandha further believes that these real estate projects should take into consideration various concerns of the residents like transportation, employment, environmental, social and economic issues.

Mr Sandha has ensured that all his residential and commercial projects represent the vision he believes in. His company Concept Capital in a short period has created very well appreciated 10 Commercial and 8 Residential Projects.
Mr Sandha‘s prolific achievements have won him various awards and accolades, one of them is really prestigious, Mr Sandha was awarded ‘The World’s Greatest Leaders 2015 Asia and GCC Award ‘ which was presented to him by the world renowned Price Water Cooper.
Mr Sandha’s life is not just about creating value added real estate projects, but he is also into contributing to socially relevant projects. Corporate Social Responsibility are not just words for Mr Sandha it is way of life for him . Concept Capital is working on its CSR activities under guidance of Mr Suninder Sandha. Concept Capital has been sponsoring the education of about 250 less privileged children since 2009. Mr Sandha is very actively involved in social causes like education , distribution of food, clothes and books for the less privileged children. Mr Suninder Sandha’s life is an inspirational journey worth inculcating in one’s own life. So that like Mr Suninder Sandha we all can make a difference to our surroundings.

by: 11Pearlmedia

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