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Swift iOS and Threading

Multi strung is a capacity of Processor to execute numerous procedures or string simultaneously bolstered by Operating System.

A Program contains at least two sections that can run simultaneously and each part can deal with various undertaking in the meantime making ideal utilization of the accessible assets.

Threading has a genuine cost in feeling of memory and execution, each string required memory assignment in both Kernel and your program memory space.

Multi threading was presented in iOS 3.2, we have three choices for multi threading in iOS which is given underneath with fundamental subtle elements:

Have you at any point composed an application where you endeavored to accomplish something, and there was a long respite while the UI was inert?

This is generally a sign that your application needs multithreading!

In this instructional exercise, you'll get hands on involvement with the center multithreading API accessible on iOS: Grand Central Dispatch.

You'll take an application that doesn't utilize multithreading by any means (and subsequently is exceptionally inert), and change over it to utilize multithreading. You'll be stunned by the distinction!

This instructional exercise expect you know about the nuts and bolts of iOS advancement. On the off chance that you are totally new to iOS improvement, you should look at a portion of alternate instructional exercises on this site first.

Right away, take a drink of pop or bite some air pocket gum and start this instructional exercise in the meantime and you're as of now on your approach to multithreading! :]

When taking in another dialect I more often than not take after a similar example. I make sense of how to do parallel preparing, reflection, and fabricate a couple of applications. Here is the start of my investigation of threading in Swift. I'm utilizing NSOperations in this post and will take a gander at GCD in a followup post.

Here are the means:

make another quick document and acquire from NSOperation,

supersede NSOperation's primary technique,

presently make an occasion of your new operation class,

set the string need, and

add it to a NSOperationQueue occasion.

So far not unique in relation to Objective-C.

For this case I will make a Sift class that acquires from NSOperation called BackgroundSillyness. At that point I'll utilize BackgroundSillyness in a Swift application's ViewController viewDidLoad strategy.

Making an occasion of NSOperation:

let line = NSOperationQueue()

BackgroundSillyness.swift source

/import the Foundation library

import Foundation

/acquire from NSOperation

class BackGroundSillyness:NSOperation{

/abrogate NSOperation's void main(void) technique

abrogate func principle() - > (){

println("hello from foundation")


So that is the class record. Presently for the source from the ViewController. I'll just incorporate the source from the viewDidLoad technique with a specific end goal to keep things basic. You will perceive some of what is occurring here on the off chance that you know about Objective-C.

ViewController.swift source

supersede func viewDidLoad() {


/Create another occasion of BackGroundSillyness

let backgroundOperation = BackGroundSillyness()

/* I chose I needed to make sense of how to supplant hinders with terminations,

* soI set the consummation square of the operation.

* 'hi' will now print outafter 'hi from foundation'.



/this is the default esteem, however in the event that you don't set it you will get a mistake.

backgroundOperation.threadPriority = 0

backgroundOperation.completionBlock = {() - > () in




So there it is. The greater part of alternate properties of NSOperations can be set similarly as the fruition square. You can likewise forget the '()- >() in' bit of the conclusion on the off chance that you need. Quick will induce the information and return sorts for you in the event that you do.

When you run this, you may find that the foundation operation's message is stirred up in the one printed out in the UI string. It gives the idea that Swift doesn't line up messages to the comfort. It isn't an imperfection only brief comment mindful of. You could include a long running circle out of sight operation's primary technique on the off chance that you might want to prevent this from happening.

More details visit

by: infocampus

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