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TE Connectivity Introduces Sensors in Sleep Monitoring Applications

Hong Kong, July 28, 2018 /PressReleasePing/ - TE Connectivity's (TE) piezo film sleep sensor, with sleep monitoring function, monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, physical activity, deep sleep, light sleep time and other parameters. The piezo film is installed under the mattress, allowing for no patient contact, which has the potential to disrupt sleep.

Sleep allows the mind and body to rest and recover. Proper amounts and quality of sleep can improve memory, learning comprehension, and mood, while restoring muscles from exertion. The study of sleep helps to understand individual areas for improvement to optimize the results for patients struggling to sleep.

Piezo film is a thin, transparent film of PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride); it is a material with flexibility, low density, light weight, and mechanical toughness. The film can be made into a variety of thicknesses. It can be directly attached to the surface without affecting the mechanical movement of the mechanical parts. The piezo film has the advantages of wide frequency band, wide dynamic range and high voltage sensitivity.

Piezo film offers low acoustic impedance. Its acoustic impedance is closer to the acoustic impedance of water, tissues, and other organic materials. A close impedance match facilitates more efficient transduction of sound signals in water and body tissues.

Wearable devices are also used in sleep monitoring applications. By combining heart rate data and movement, sleep cycles can be tracked on personal devices to give users insight into sleep habits and performance. Digital altimeter sensors continue to develop and improve to survive conditions such as sweat exposure and electrical interference with the use of signal shielding.

As an authorized distributor for TE, Heilind Asia provides TE products and also value added services. Heilind Asia supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry's leading manufacturers in 25 component categories, with a particular focus on interconnect and electromechanical products.

About Heilind Electronics:

Founded in 1974, Heilind Electronics, Inc. ( is one of the world's leading distributors of connectors, relays, switches, thermal management & circuit protection products, terminal blocks, wire & cable, wiring accessories and insulation & identification products. Heilind has over 40 facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China.

Heilind Asia Pacific ( commenced operations in Dec 2012, and now has 20 locations throughout Asia. Its industry leading service offering to customers in Asia Pacific is the result of a commitment to the belief of "Distribution As It Should Be". Learn more at and on Facebook, WeChat, Weibo and Twitter.


TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) is a $13 billion global technology and manufacturing leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. For more than 75 years, our connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, have enabled advancements in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications, and the home. With 78,000 employees, including more than 7,000 engineers, working alongside customers in nearly 150 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. Learn more at and on LinkedIn, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter.

TE Connectivity, TE, TE connectivity (logo), and EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS are trademarks of the TE Connectivity Ltd. family of companies.

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Press Contact:

sarah luo

Heilind Asia Pacific



by: sarah luo

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