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TPCAST Introduces First Multi User Wireless VR Solution

Delivers HD Video Quality at Sub 2ms Latency

Amsterdam, Netherlands - April 16th, 2018 - TPCAST, the leader in wireless Virtual Reality (VR) and the first-to-market with a wireless VR solution for Head-Mounted Display (HMD), today announces the launch of its Business Edition (BE) Wireless VR Adapter for the EMEA market. The first version will be supporting the HTC Vive HMD and support for additional HMDs will be released during Q3 2018. The TPCAST BE Wireless Adapter starts from one user and allows a multi-user experience simultaneously from two up to four users in one zone, and 5+ users in connected zones, while preserving the HTC Vive"s 2K high video quality and maintaining the latency under 2 milliseconds. The BE adapter is targeted to support multi-user VR activities across a variety of verticals including medical, automotive, real estate, training and other multi-user VR applications. The solution will be sold by TPCAST directly and will also be available through TPCAST"s certified channel partners in Q2 2018 including consulting service, customized engineering, products and installation service according to enterprise user"s requirements and application scenarios.

The TPCAST Consumer Edition (CE) Wireless Adapter is the only PC VR Wireless Solution available in the market today and has been shipping in EMEA since October 2017. TPCAST technology is a breakthrough in the VR field, creating a wireless connection between the PC and the VR headset, providing VR users a unique, truly immersive experience. The TPCAST adapter attaches to the HTC Vive headset, replacing the need for the Vive's cumbersome cord. The TPCAST adapter has enhanced the VR user experience, providing consumers and enterprise users the freedom to walk, jump and spin without worrying about the cable.

The TPCAST Wireless BE Adapter expands the support to multi-user and establishes a wireless connection between the HMD and the PC without changing the original HTC Vive product. The adapter kit consists of four parts: The PC transmitter module (TX), the helmet receiver module (RX), battery power box and a business class router.

"We"re excited to introduce the wireless TPCAST Business Edition to the EMEA market. Especially in commercial settings where processes can be incredibly complex and expensive, wireless VR can be a powerful technology to experience true team collaboration in the virtual world and to reduce cost for example by VR design verification. The TPCAST Business Edition is a scalable solution to satisfy the high demand for true immersive, multi-user VR applications and to make backpack laptops redundant," said Reiner Pes, General Manager EMEA, TPCAST B.V. "TPCAST is committed to the VR market and has been showing its commitment by enhancing the VR experience and continuously delivering new wireless solutions."

Pricing & Availability
The TPCAST BE kit for HTC Vive HMD is available end of April to EMEA customers. For pricing, please contact the sales team at

For more information visit

Pressekontakt TPCAST Nicole Stark TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

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