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Take back control over your browsing with VyprVPN for Mac

Golden Frog presents an all-new VyprVPN for Mac. Version 3.0 sports a new look and several new features, including more intuitive server selection to make connecting ton your favorite VPN server quicker and easier. It also allows users to choose a new server location without having to disconnect first, and you can customize your connections with automatic reconnect and public wireless protection. The latest launch also comes with good news for Russian users with the new Russian language translation for the app.

Stay protected when using public networks

Many people rely on open public wireless hotspots for working on the move, but they also present a serious risk to your online security. Hackers using the right software can easily intercept any unencrypted traffic being sent between the computer and the local router. That's why you need to encrypt all traffic before it leaves your device. VyprVPN for Mac provides public WiFi encryption to ensure you're always safe, no matter which network you are connected to.

Get around annoying localized content restrictions

If you've ever tried to access your favorite websites and services while on a trip abroad, you've probably been confronted with messages like 'this content isn't available in your country'. Even local content restrictions aside, it can also be annoying having everything default into a different language the moment you step outside your home country. On top of that, many people aren't too happy about the fact that every website seems to know where they're located. VyprVPN for Mac lets you connect to the web through a server in almost any country of your choice so that it appears you're browsing from that location. With our own servers in more than 70 countries around the globe you have over 200,000 IP addresses at your disposal to mask your location.

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by: Golden Frog Inc

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