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Telemedicine is the Newest Driver for Medical Tourism Business

(Monarch Beach, CA) – The business of Medical Tourism is growingly rapidly in the USA and other countries. Telemedicine is the newest driver in that industry. The Tele-Medical Tourism Company has made it a significant element in the increased demand for low cost medical services such as outpatient surgery, plastic surgery, dental work and they uniquely support the globalization of the US workforce.

As the population continues to age and the cost of medical care, both elective and essential, continues to rise, the prospect of paying thirty to seventy percent less for identical care in another country becomes appealing to consumers and payers.

Generally, medical procedures ranging from bariatric surgery to dental implants are standardized worldwide. Care received in Tijuana, Manila, Beverly Hills, New Delhi or Tel-Aviv, will follow similar guidelines and share in the same predictable patient outcomes.

Where the system was found wanting, happened when the patient returned home from their overseas procedure. A preponderance of people could not find a willing doctor to provide crucial follow-up care or provide post-surgery management. Monitoring of patients who have undergone an invasive procedure is central to a timely and complete recovery. Those physicians and specialists in the USA, who reject these patients, do so with a pattern of banal professional hubris and/or questions of liability.

That leaves many patients with an uncertain prognosis and the emotions of helplessness when the doctor is thousands of miles away. Even prescriptions for inflammation, antibiotics, wound care, or simple suture removal, become a real anxiety rich challenge for these patients.

The Tele-Medical Tourism Company has found a unique solution for these important needs: they provide access to their proprietary and Multi-Lingual EMR system. Foreign surgeons, doctors, clinics and hospitals, enter all relevant procedure notes, documents, test results and follow-up directives into the EMR.

The patient’s entire medical experience is memorialized and now available to the Tele-Medical Tourism doctor in the USA, permitting personalized and precise care from doctors who are conversant of that patient and their immediate needs.

With the adoption of telemedicine, Medical Tourism is a more compelling and all-inclusive choice for consumers, health plan operators and governments.

About Tele-Medical Tourism:
Tele-Medical Tourism company is the only worldwide solution using a proprietary Electronic Health Record platform, linking Medical Tourism physicians and hospitals worldwide, with US based telemedicine doctors,providing personalized and precise follow-up and management care to patients returning home.

Tele-Medical Tourism,
14 Monarch Bay Plaza,
Suite 418,
Dana Point - 92629,
California, United States,
Phone: (+1) - 8006048353,

by: Tele Medical Tourism

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