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Terry andamp Kelly Releases Infographic The Safest Way to Travel in Austin

As Fatal Accidents Continue to Rise Austin Area Personal Injury Law Firm Outlines The Safest Way to Travel on Austin's Roads. Terry & Kelly, PLLC an Austin area law firm specializing in personal injury, has just released an infographic outlining the [safest]( [forms of transportation]( in Austin. As more people move to Austin, fatal accidents continue to rise and 2015 is on track to be one of the deadliest years on record. According to research conducted by the firm, those who choose motorcycles as their primary form of transportation are 35X more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. Because of their open design, high speeds, and low visibility to other drivers, motorcycles are by far the most dangerous way to travel in Austin. Cars and trucks are the second most dangerous form of transportation due to their popularity and the sheer number of vehicles on the road, followed by commuter rails and Amtrak, which are generally considered one of the safest forms of transportation available nowadays. Trent Kelly, [Austin Car Accident Lawyer]( at Terry & Kelly, PLLC says that the rise in fatal accidents can be attributed to Austin's abundant growth and the city's failure to provide the infrastructure required to safely accommodate all the new motorists. €œIt is especially dangerous during high-traffic times, such as morning and afternoon rush hours. Of course, distracted driving has also become a plague in Austin and all of Texas. The rise of smart phones and other technology has impacted drivers' behavior in a seriously negative way." Kelly adds, €œThe lack of infrastructure in Austin is something that should have been addressed many years ago and now there's a crisis that is a much different, more difficult animal to tame. However, with the recent passage of city ordinances, such as the ban on use of electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle, the number of distracted driving collisions in Austin will hopefully decrease." To stay safe on Austin's roads Terry & Kelly, PLLC suggests putting down smartphones and any other electronic devices and driving as defensively as possible, being aware of other drivers around them who may be distracted or driving erratically. €œUnfortunately, there is no way to avoid all accidents, but being alert will significantly decrease the likelihood of being involved in a fatal car accident here in Austin." About Terry & Kelly, PLLC Terry & Kelly, PLLC is an Austin, Texas based personal injury law firm that focuses on helping victims of auto and trucking accidents throughout Texas. Their office is located at 1002 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78701. They can be reached via telephone at (512) 900-9000. For more information, please visit Anglyn Aviles Terry & Kelly, PLLC 1002 Rio Grande Street Austin, TX United States

by: Anglyn Aviles Terry and Kelly PLLC

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