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The Considerate Designs of Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair

28, August 2017: Airwheel H3 automatic electric wheelchair designed for people physically inconvenienced is a quite representative model of series, which was released in the new product announcement conference in the year of 2017. The thoughtful design of H3 thrust it into the limelight.

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Since its release, Airwheel H3 has gained much attention and today, the consideration of Airwheel H3will be analysed. The unique design of H3 automatic electric wheelchair thrust it into the limelight. Airwheel positioned the H3 as the personal vehicle for people who are wheelchair-bound.

From the dimension of externality, it is easy to feel that the tough design merits the position and title. Airwheel H3 motorized wheelchair differs from its previous models in the performance and installations on the bodywork. Revolutionary technologies make the battery and motor seamlessly connected to achieve best power performance. The lithium battery mounted on H3 is safe and durable with a long lifespan. The battery can store Lithium 24V 18AH of electricity with around 8 hours of charging and can be re-charged. What's more, the 12.5 rear inch jumbo tyres unique to H3 will buffer the vibration in a sense. The two type’s equipment is complementary to each other, forming a personal vehicle for people with mobility problem.

The previous models are not at all applicable to the long-distance trip. The long-time standing on the self-balancing scooter will cause fatigue. H3 Electric Wheelchairs seat with double honeycomb mesh breathable material, is wear-proof and durable. The longer you sit, the more comfortable you feel. Also, H3 enjoys automatic folding system making it more convenient. Apart from the familiar smart phones and smart cleaners, there are even smart pet feeder and smart stew pot. Anything less smart may be eliminated from the market. This summer, customers have a new smart choice for the special grope of people—H3 that can be connected to riders’ smart phones to learn the instant information to ensure a safe journey.

Modern people have created a larger prosperity than any other generations in the history. The consideration of Airwheel H3 makes it more appealing and H3 lightweight folding wheelchair is to give a free intelligent life for riders.

For Media Contact:
Company: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Phone: +8618651968700

by: Eric

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