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The Frauenfeld Clinic and Alex Frauenfeld Provide Eyesight Rehabilitation

Berlin, Germany: Alex Frauenfeld, a retired myopia rehabilitation therapist, has created an incredibly detailed free eyesight improvement library for myopia sufferers.

"I am ready to really be retired, but not until I have my many years of experience put into some usable format for others to follow", he explains. The site, growing in popularity with myopia sufferers, includes a forum, a frequently updated blog, a myopia prescription calculator, and lots of myopia related advice.

When will Alex be done with this project? That much remains unclear, but judging by his resistance to advertising and heavy marketing, the expansion of the reach of his message has been slow.

Until recently, the Website included a paid program for myopia improvement, and hundreds of articles of free content. Recently Alex added a four part free course, which he promises leaves no ‘cliff hangers’, and addresses all basic aspects of myopia cause, symptom, and how to improve your own eyesight.

"What I advocate is not without controversy", he says. "To judge the merits of this method, you have to try it, at least for a short period of time. This shouldn’t cost you money. And better yet, if it works for you (and it should), you can continue to work on improving your eyesight." Alex says that nobody actually needs any of his paid programs, to improve their eyesight. They exist, according to him, to allow people to provide financial support to the site and in return get additional tips, suggestions, and activities to help with vision improvement.

It’s a good message and for those motivated to try something new, this provides a very low key method to test Alex claims - and hopefully find improvement in their own vision as well. For more about Alex Frauenfeld and the Frauenfeld Clinic, please visit

For Media Contact:
Franz Mueller
Heerstraße 326, 13593 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 35102910

by: Melissa Anderson

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