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The God Bless Girl E Book is 30 Minute Read

Shirley Fine Lee has put together a five-chapter fictional story as a Christian e-book, which is titled "The God Bless Girl" (ASIN: B0134VJYA8). Each chapter in this book is a day in the life of the heroine, a grocery store clerk named Sarah. Each chapter is a different day at the store and is told through thoughts Sarah has or conversations that are between Sarah and one or two other people inside the store. Sarah is an every-day hero who expresses her concerns on how America seems to be eliminating the mention of God everywhere. Sarah also praises others who want to keep God first in their lives and communities. Sarah’s conversations with customers include three mothers, a soldier, and a religious leader. Some conversational topics include: Christian symbols, U.S. currency, and prayer. Sarah also has a discussion with her boss regarding freedom of religion and speech at work. Since the e-book is only 21-pages, it can be read in under 30-minutes and is described as a Kindle short read on Amazon.

The author of "The God Bless Girl" is Shirley Fine Lee. This new e-book is different from her electronic release last year "Have You Got Mustard? A Study Guide for Growing Faith." That guide uses the letters in the word mustard as an acronym for seven lessons in growing faith. Shirley is also the author of these professional books to increase productivity available on "OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Teams;" "R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach;" "Team Building Primer: A Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Teams, Committees, and Other Groups;" and "TAPP Steps in Time Management." More information on Ms. Lee can be found on her website at

by: Shirley Lee

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