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The Importance of Pre Employment Screening on Bus Drivers

Performing background checks on teachers and school workers are necessarily important. However, shouldn't be the same thing be conducted with bus drivers? It may shock you to realize that numerous bus drivers, who are accountable for the well-being and security of our children for almost every day, are not held to the same guidelines from teachers and those working in a school building. With an incredible 22,000 bus crashes each year, it's obvious that bus drivers should be held to the same standard and background check process from those working in the school building. Why is it so critical to conduct pre-employment screening on bus drivers?

Each driver of a school bus needs a Commercial Driver's License or CDL. In any case, they are not subject to the same strict standards that truck drivers are since they are not part of the interstate business. In all honesty, numerous school bus drivers who might not have the capacity to land a position working for a business trucking organization are driving your children to and from school each day.

Traditional truck drivers are firmly regulated and checked for any criminal offenses, traffic offenses, and even medical problems. Bus drivers do not go through the same continuous monitoring, so somebody with critical undiagnosed medical problems may transport your children when you can't.

While legal guidelines are different from state to state and county to county, there are numerous ways that you can guarantee a thorough and rigorous screening process for the bus drivers employed by your county. Part of the process for a bus driver background check program includes motor vehicle reports, any commercial driver work history, a search in the Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS), a manual check of any work or medication/liquor history issues that are not recorded in the CDLIS, a criminal record, a drug test and a physical exam.

By conducting pre-employment screening on bus drivers, every parent is secure that their children will be in good hands every day that their children travel to school. A pre-employment screening will also help keep the roads safe and decrease any possible traffic accident caused by the negligent and inefficient bus drivers.

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by: Nora Nur

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