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The Press Release For Partnership With DSI Secure Solution

Hack2Secure, an information security training, certification and service provider, announces a strategic partnership with the DSI Secure, a reputed IT and Telecommunication Training provider in South Africa. With the enhancing hacking incident, more and more organizations are looking for the professionals who are experts in the information security.
The main objective of this partnering with DSI secure solutions is to develop a pool of all rounded and industry-ready information security workforce, enhance the entire information security awareness & knowledge across the globe. The training from the Hack2Secure provides extensive hands-on lab experience, enabling candidates to raise their information security proficiency.

Equipping with a well-training and certified information security workforce are essential for companies to better defend their digital assets including sensitive information, applications, and websites.

"We are very keen to have this partnership done, looking at the increasing demand for Information Security awareness in the South African region. We are looking forward to working with DSI Secure to ensure availability and seamless delivery of InfoSec programs to industry ", said Nitin Kotwal, CEO @ Hack2Secure.
"We currently offer the courses and degrees from other vendors but a similar program from other Institutes has initiated a price war in the region. Hack2secure’s customizable and Industry aligned offerings differentiate us in the market for InfoSec programs" said Erasmus, Director @ DSI Secure.

About Hack2Secure
Hack2Secure is a leading information security industry that excels in providing intensive, concept-oriented and immersive security training accompanies with world-class certification programs. These training programs are integrated with real-world examples, permitting the participants to master the various factors of information security based on the industry standard practice and requirement.
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About DSI Secure
DSI Secure aims to offer the best solutions to guarantee that the organization and its workforce’s sensitive details are safe as well as secure to make it hard for the hackers to attack. It intends to fill the gap in the IT and Telecommunication industries in terms of providing skilled professionals. They are accredited as the supplier of globally proctored certifications and training programs for the cybersecurity.
For more details, visit

by: Ishrath Sultana

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