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The Ribbon Room a reputable supplier on the UK market

The Ribbon Room is a dedicated store offering a wide selection of decorative materials and not only. All their products are extremely fashionable and beautiful, and no matter what you are looking for, here you are likely to find it. The company is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom and was launched many years ago. The initial idea of the founder came after noticing and analysing the increasing demand of decorative materials on the dedicated market. As a consequence, this firm has been constantly striving to provide the highest standards of quality, while also maintaining the prices in fair limits. The company aims to answer the needs of all its clients, both those who need wholesale quantities and those who are only looking for some delicate decorations for a special occasion. Large or small amounts, you name it! The Ribbon Room will take care of everything else: dispatching, sending and making sure the products reach the destination in the shortest time, in perfect condition. Whether you are an individual buyer or a business owner stocking their store, this store is exactly what you need.

This decorative fabric firm has been on the dedicated market for many years, which is why people who work here have a lot of experience in the textile industry. The skilful designers are aware of all the changes in terms of decorations and fashion, and this enables them to come up with the most beautiful and original products. In case you are looking for wedding ribbons UK, you need to know that these can make the ideal ornaments, especially with the great selection of prints, colours, textures and materials available at The Ribbon Room. All the products can be found on the official page of the company, that you can visit anytime and find out about their offers and prices. The ribbons are grouped in specific categories, such as Christmas, Valentines, Weddings, Little Ones, Birthdays, Clearance, Small Rolls and Everyday. Each class consists in ribbons with different prints, suitable to any occasion. In addition to this, the web page is also provided with a search box, which gives you fast access to all the products in stock all you have to do is type what you need and you will get immediate results. The platform is also an online store, because once you have chosen the goods you like, you can place the order very easy. Furthermore, The Ribbon Room also offers custom made items, so in case you need a certain type of ribbon, you can use the email address available on the web site, to get in touch with the staff. The designers will explain you everything about the customization possibilities and the prices you will have to pay for the products.

As you can see, besides the great customer service and the wide variety of items, The Ribbon Room offers qualitative ribbons at affordable prices. If you need beautiful yet cheap ribbons UK, all you have to do is visit the online page of this company.

For more information about wedding ribbons UK, visit

Contact Name: William Cooper

Company name: The Ribbon Room

Exact Address: Holly House, Follifoot Lane, Spofforth, HG3 1AY

Phone no: 07595 631639

Email address:

by: William Cooper

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