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The Startup Investors Summit 2017 This December In Mumbai

Tapaswi Group Ventures LLP has announced their upcoming STARTUP INVESTORS SUMMIT 2017 at
Ramada Convention Centre, Mumbai on 15th and 16th of December ,which will be having more than 100+
speakers from across the world, 500+ startup investors and more than a 1000 startups attending this two
day summit.
Our objective is simple, to increase the number of Angel investors in the country and encourage more
and more startups to emerge into the country. Lots of them will fail but the power of support will
encourage many more to be born every single day. And, that is what is going to turnaround the tables for
economy and speed the engines.
Startups across the country will have an opportunity to strike gold out of their business ideas and
exclusive strategies. Top 100 curated startups will have an opportunity to present their innovations to
active investors and get their imaginations and ideas on the line.
Investors registering for SIS 17 will come around some curated path breaking stratergies and have a
buffet of ideas and innovation to invest on and get their capital worth. SIS 17 will have a separate
Investor lounge where the investors can interact with interested prospects.
SIS 17 will also have exclusive Mentor lounges for the budding startups to have a chance to gain the
expertise and stratergies from a vastly experienced mentoring panel.
Tapaswi Patel, the Chairman & MD of Tapaswi Group Ventures LLP said about SIS 2017 that, "with an
objective of Making India, the ‘Startup Destination Of The World and Mumbai’, the Startup Destination Of
India, STARTUP INVESTORS SUMMIT 2017 is being launched this December. It will be the bridge for
startups, angels and many more real asset value investors to come forward and invest in the startups."
The proceeds of the event will be raised for as a fund for the differently abled entrepreneurs.
The event is supported by Tapaswi Group Ventures and Managed by Zoom Media.
Meet the Giants. Connect the Wires. Fire the Networks.

by: Tejan Suvarna

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