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The country needs video surveillance systems

Can you imagine sitting in front of an HD video surveillance camera to just monitor people? And that too 8 hours every day? Well, this is the kind of work many security people do, day in and day out. The job is boring but it is highly critical. We donít want another Boston Marathon disaster, do we? Millions have been spent on video surveillance systems and more millions are being spent every year. While some people have criticized the use of such surveillance systems I cannot but agree more with this kind of investment.

What will happen if there are no video surveillance systems around? Well, for many days nothing will happen maybe. But then there could be one day when something bad will happen. I don't want to sound pessimistic but this is a fact. Thanks to HD video surveillance many crimes don't get committed. From ordinary pick pocketing to thefts to white collar crimes to terrorist activities, the country has been successful in curbing the numbers thanks to round the clock surveillance. Those that say that investment in security cameras is not good investment will be the first ones to come out and blast the security agencies if something major were to happen.

One might argue that despite the presence of HD video surveillance the Boston Marathon disaster did happen. I have two arguments against this thought process. My first argument is that the Boston Marathon disaster is a single security diasaster after 9/11. We could've had many more had there been no video surveillance systems. Remember those potential bomb threats that were dispelled before disaster could strike? My second argument is that thanks to the presence of video surveillance the Boston Marathon case could be closed so easily. I still offer my heartfelt condolences to the victims but the fact is that we don't have to continuously offer condolences to people because the country is investing in video surveillance.

There is also this argument about video surveillance that it takes away our privacy. Honestly how much privacy do we need? Don't we have enough privacy at home? Don't we have enough privacy in private places? Who installs HD video surveillance systems in washrooms, even when they are public washrooms? When I'm in a public place I'm in a public place. Where does the question of privacy arise here?

Cities like Detroit are notorious for their crime rates. But if you consider the latest crime rate in Detroit and the other large American cities you will find that it has come down over the years? Is it only because of investment in surveillance systems? No, there are multiple elements that have contributed to lessening of crime rates in the country as a whole. But security cameras play a part in this and this is why the country should invest in these security systems.

Video surveillance systems are required in the USA and we know it. With HD video surveillance it is possible to reduce crimes and we are seeing that.

Thanks to major investment in video surveillance systems the US has remained safe from various criminal and terrorist activities. With HD video surveillance many crimes have been stopped before they could be committed.

by: Gail Black

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