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The importance of search engines in the online space

Who doesnít know about search engines? Anyone that uses the internet knows the purpose of these minimalistic looking websites. Without these online engines our whole web experience would be worth nothing. And this is the reason all the websites in the world put in all their efforts to get listed in the online search directories.

The way search engines work is rather complex. However, their entire activity can be summed up in laymanís terms. When you visit Google and key in a word or a phrase to search for something Google sends out its crawlers. The word or phrase that you typed is known as the keyword and the search engine crawler looks at all the indexed websites to find out which of them correspond to your keyword. The crawler makes a list of all these websites and presents them to you in the search engine results pages. This whole process takes a fraction of a second so you know how powerful search sites can be.

But there is a catch here and itís in the arrangement of the sites in the search engine results pages. The best websites are the ones that get listed at the top and these are the websites that enjoy the best click through rates. This means most people click on the top listed websites. It is shown by data that 85% of the search engine users donít go beyond the first page, in fact the first five listed websites. This is where SEO plays a huge role.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to rank websites in search sites. The better a website in terms of relevance to your keyword the higher is its position in SERPs. Now the relevance depends on a lot of things but the most important elements are content and links.

Websites that have the best content are the ones that are ranked the highest in the top search engines. The best content is that content that is relevant and fresh. And when a website has excellent content it gets incoming links coming in from other websites. Search sites like Google put huge importance on the quality of these incoming links. These links are considered as certificates or recommendations and the websites that have the highest number of relevant and quality links are the ones that occupy prime positions and thus, enjoy better click through rates.

The top search engines are highly brand conscious. With better brand name they are able to attract more visitors and this means more business for them. Their payments come from directing users to various sites and through funding from investors. The best of the search sites enjoy huge fan following throughout the www and this is what makes them the top sites in the world. Search sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo are household names and they wield total power in the internet space.

If you want to know about the internet get to know about how search engines function. Everything else will be clear.

Resource Box: No one would be able to use the internet properly without using search engines. Because of these search sites we are where we are.

by: John Malot

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