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To Be Productive Blog Surpasses 200K Milestones

The business leadership blog "To Be Productive" (aka. 2bProductive) passes the milestone of 200,000 views. The blog offers book reviews and tips on meeting, project, time, and other business management topics such as communication, engagement, and motivation.

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The "To Be Productive" blog (aka surpassed the milestone of 200,000 views this month. The blog contains guest posts by many authors and leaders on many business topics. These guests are experts in goal achievement, management, leadership, presentations, motivation, sales, and team building. The blog includes links to books and websites of the guest experts.

The 2bproductive blog features posts on many management and leadership topics. Business book reviews and excerpts may also be found on the blog along with occasional postings of clever poems, videos, and infographics. Some of the most popular topic areas blogged about include: attitude, change management, communication, customer service, empowerment, engagement, goals, leadership, meeting management, motivation, organizing, planning, problem solving, productivity, project management, sales, social networks, strategy, team-building, time management, and training. The top ten blog posts may be found on a specially marked tab near the top of the blog.

The "To Be Productive" blog was started by Shirley Fine Lee, a team building and productivity trainer as well as the author of four business books available on Amazon. Her business book titles are: "OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Teams," "RARA A Meeting Wizard's Approach," "TAPP Steps in Time Management," and "Team Building Primer." Shirley has had careers in training for over twenty years, including corporate trainer/facilitator and independent consultant/coach. To find out more about her, visit her website at

The diversity of business and leadership topics on the 2bproductive blog has contributed to its continued popularity. To check out the blog, guest bloggers, and post, go to From the blog, readers can subscribe to email notifications of new posts or find links to social accounts on Twitter and Facebook to follow.

by: Shirley Lee

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