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TranslatorPub launches top notch Industry Training courses

TranslatorPub is a translation portal developed with the aim to help connect agencies and freelancers in the translation industry across the world. For many years, the portal has continue to expand to different countries and open new business opportunities, strengthen existing cooperation and help translators and employees find new possibilities.

As the translation industry continues to expand, new software is developed to help language service providers with their tasks. Computer aided translation (CAT) tools facilitate the process of translation and improve productivity. Today, more than ever, knowing how to use such tools becomes a necessity in order to stay up to date with what clients and the industry itself demands.

Given the importance of the knowledge on CAT tools, TranslatorPub launches training courses for linguists, project managers and all language service providers. The courses offer complete flexibility for all users so they can access from anywhere in the world and during the time that best suits them.

All lessons are imparted by top-class tutors who are experts in the matter and will guide students to better understand how to maximize the benefits of using CAT tools.

It is precisely this focus on equipping translation talents with the best knowledge on tools what inspired TranslatorPub to center its attention, first, on the most used software in the industry including:
- Trados
- Memsource
- MemoQ
- MateCat
All courses include the possibility to download a highly practical video designed to provide students the knowledge on these tools in entertaining ways. There are different lessons for editors, translators and for project managers, this way the courses are tailored according to the needs of each user.

From Introduction to learning how to set up the tool, translate multiple file types, editing processes, how to check deliveries and much more, there is wide range of topics to learn more about the tools that are helping translators improve the quality of work while reducing time and costs.

TranslatorPub takes pride in being the number one portal and connecting people with projects. And now, thanks to its visionary and entrepreneurial spirit, it launches Industry Training courses that are perfect for anyone.

by: TranslatorPub

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