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Upgrades of Sdl Trados

It is clear to everyone that translation software cannot replace human translation. Nonetheless, we should emphasize the fact that cat tools like sdl trados enable the translator to work better and faster. In order to have an edge over their competitors translation agencies choose to invest in sdl studio.

To begin with, translation productivity tools like sdl trados have become a necessity for translation agencies with a high volume of work. Also, numerous customers hire agencies that have and use cat tools in their translation projects. The 2017 version of trados has many admirers among translators for it focuses on translation memory and machine translation working together. This innovative cat tool has a fully-integrated, self-learning MT that learns from the translators. Also, we should not forget about the upLift technology that allows translators to do their job a lot faster and to get the best possible matches from the TM.

The 2017 sdl trados has match options for fragments of a sentence, it allows translators to repair fuzzy matches and thus it eliminates terminology inconsistencies. This tool is designed to improve terminology management and the new version features a user friendly interface. Also, the GroupShare trados will enable translators to work together in real-time and to increase their productivity and their efficiency. It is a lot easier to work with shared resources and the new version of trados does that.

Moving on, we should mention that newly added translations can be shared instantly and seen by all users. It is wonderful that translators can all work at the same project and on the same file-based resource. Also, sdl studio allows third party developers to create custom solutions that integrate into your workflow. With this cat tool you can automate projects and share files easier and you can have a team of translators work together with less manual processes. Translators who use trados for their projects find it a lot easier to work and to deliver high quality translations.

With the 2017 version translators can see what a file looks like when they open it and they select the settings. This is wonderful because it enables translators to save precious time. Users can change file settings and see how that change would impact the file. Next, there is the term recognition, which allows terms to be recognized; this new feature provides a user-friendly experience and it has buttons that helps with common tasks such as adding or deleting terms. We should not forget about the advanced display filter. These are just some of the features that make sdl studio worth the investment.

Resource box: Would you like to hire an agency that uses sdl studio? We invite you to our website to learn why you should choose us and to discover more about sdl trados.

by: Gina Malot

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